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Version: 3.0

Date: 02/24/2013

Requirements: Skyrim

Recommended: Xenius Character Enhancemen, Pumping Iron

Author: Elmanouche, GrillmeisterDX (armours)

Contributor : wysiwyg



New LITE version, for low end GPU. 1k uncompressed muscle textures. The difference is barely noticeable.

What's new in 3.0

Complete rework of the mesh and shape.

Less "enormous" pecs.

Better forearms, fitting muscle tone textures.

Less "tree trunks" legs, with more curves.

Thinner hips.

Modelised nipples, even on _0.

More feminine and "skinny" _0, very thin waist.

Fully working weight slider.

New underwear, based on UNP bikini.


Edited Litheria Skin to better fit nipples.


All normal maps have been edited and tweaked to reduce seam.

Some might still appear at ankles with Hardcore muscles.


Muscle Definition plugin : muscle tone according to weight


What's new in MW Armours 2.4


added Dragonbone armour (V3 body)

added Dragonscale armour (V3 body)

added Studded armour (V3 body)

added fineclothes01 (V3 body)

added fineclothes02 (V3 body)

added minerclothes (V3 body)


All those armours/clothing are brought to you by GrillmeisterDX.







Some of us always thought that Nords and Orcs women needed a more beefy look, their descriptions depicting them as muscular and strong.

And with that thought, Tigersan released an awesome muscle texture. So now comes the body shape to complete the set.



I released this mod on Nexus, of course, then discovered this forum where I have found some usefull tips. And also that some of you "hate" Nexus.

The archive is NMM (Yes and I won't change that!) with install script (I love making those scripts xD ). The Info.xml is linked to the mods page so you can know when a new update is up


List of vanilla armours and clothing conversion



Bandit armor

Dragonbone armor

Dragonscale armor

Dwarven armor - revealing only

Elven armor - revealing only

Ebony armor + revealing

Glass armor + revealing

Hide/leather armor

Imperial armor

Iron armor

Nightingale armor

Nordplate armor + revealing

Orcish armor + revealing

Savior's Hide

Steel Armor + revealing

Stormcloak and city guards armor.

Studded armor






Barkeeper robes

Blacksmith apron



Forsworn armor

Mage Apprentice

Mage Journeyman



Nocturnal dress

Prisoner's clothes

Wench outfit - tavern's robes





This mod is a race specific body replacer, for Nords and Orcs and female only.

They will look muscled, with strong arms and legs, large shoulders and back.


It has a working weight slider : @ 0, it is a feminine female body shape, skinny, looking skinny ripped with Tigersan's textures.

The weight slider affects : shoulders, traps, arms, back, legs, pecs, breasts (slightly) and butt (slightly).


There options to make it all race and work like a standard replacer, for body and armours. As well as several skin textures and muscle tone to play with.


It supports Phygit's Femfeet, and is provided with it.

Also comes with HD face normal maps. Links bellow


I strongly recommend the use of Pumping Iron (Nexus link) mod with Muscle Definition plugin, and start a fresh game at weight 0. You'll enjoy watch her grow ;)


Only new armours for 2.4 are V3, others are still V2, but they'll be patch, of course.





Via NMM (recommended)

1. Add Muscular Women mod to NMM, by clicking Download with manager button or Add mod from file in NMM.

2. Activate Muscular Women and choose your options in the scripted installation.

3. play o/




Simply deactivate both mods in NMM.



Manual Install

For manual installation, please read the README provided in the archive.


Known Issues


Seems incompatible with Requiem. I haven't tested myself, reported by users.



Not compatible with CBBE textures.



Here is a list of issues I'm aware of :


Femfeet support is not perfect with Hardcore muscle textures, a seam is still visible above ankle.

Weight slider : some jaggedness appear between 30 to 60 weight, can't change that













Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.

Thanks to Tigersan for the muscle textures this mod is based on.

Thanks to GrillmeisterDX for coming offering your hand and doing so well.

Thanks to Bingles for his Bingles buff female armours.

Thanks to Xenius for his body textures. XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement

Thanks to humannature66 for his tanned textures and soft muscle effect. HN66s Litheria - Race - Body - Armors

Thanks to yllib for the bronze odd shine fix. No more ugly bronze shine

Thanks to zzjay for his female head HD normal map. Women of Skyrim-Enhanced female normalmaps

Thanks to Phygit for his femfeet everyone uses. FemFeet

Thanks to Caliente for his Nifcleaner tool.

Thanks to wysiwyg for the help and support he provided.




Tools used

Creation Kit

Blender 2.49b

Nifscope 1.1.3

Photoshop CS5

The Gimp

One Note 2007

FO3 Archive Utility






You can do anything with this, just credit me and let me know, even more if you want to convert or create armor for it, so I can link to your mod here.

DON'T upload this mod on Steam Workshop. Don't upload on any other modding community without my permission.

What's New in Version 3.0


  • 3.0 : Complete rework of the mesh and shape.
  • Less "enormous" pecs.
  • Better forearms, fitting muscle tone textures.
  • Less "tree trunks" legs, with more curves.
  • Thinner hips.
  • Modelised nipples, even on _0.
  • More feminine and "skinny" _0, very thin waist.
  • Fully working weight slider (some jagness appear between 30 to 60 weight, can't change that).
  • New underwear, based on UNP bikini

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