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  1. Not sure if it's just me or what, but typing in Vest for the leather clothes doesn't bring anything up in the console? Would love to showcase that bad boy. Edit- Nevermind lol figured it out. Just used 69 at the end instead of 68 from the shorts. Still weird that the vest didn't show up at all in the console. Should have a new video to post by tomorrow!
  2. Nice to see more of my favs from Oblivion making their way over. Good stuff! Thanks a ton.
  3. Such amazing work thanks so much. I have been dying to see a lot of these converted. Also love the Lobo look. XD
  4. Going from Oblivion to Skryim makes me feel like I'm cheating on someone with their best friend XD

    1. Ark of Truth

      Ark of Truth

      LOL! Why do you think I brought my wife from Oblivion to Skyrim? I just upgraded her slightly :P

  5. Awesome job on the temple man. While it might be sad to see you stop making conversions for stuff I do hope you find something about Skyrim you would like to mod. You're just to damn talented and have a work ethic like no other. I'd hate to see that not passed over to Skyrim.
  6. Gunna post some landscapes after this one, but had to show off one of Nights beauties the Forbidden Armor.
  7. Second one is my favorite I love her hair plus she just looks like an all around bad ass. Here's one for now.
  8. Check your pm's Aps. I hope you likes. Also I've re upped some of my older videos back to daily and I'll be making more as soon as I can.
  9. A couple of screens using that awesome ATE enb along with the Bokeh enb mod. If you would like to check out the bokeh dof mod for enb it's right hera http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/24024/?
  10. I would need to make you a custom texture for the face. Moon coy was only made for the moon race and the textures wouldn't line up right just by renaming them. GIve me a little bit please to catch up on some other things and I'll make you one.
  11. I feel ya on the stomach problems. I had mexican twice this week already and I feel like I'm going to give birth to a jalapeno baby. Also I'm uploading those videos now and will send you a pm with links to all of them.
  12. Hey buddy I'm almost ready to get back to work XD Also have a few people helping me with getting a lot of the videos re upped.
  13. I have to say I'm both jealous and inspired!
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