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A club for the wicked simmers who only have se-, whims in their minds. Follow LoversLab Rules and be nice--as far as a community concern--. Share your wicked stories and pictures. Have fun~

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  2. Hi everyone. I'm newbie. I love Whim Wicked at the Sims 4.
  3. So is the only difference the origin of your Legacy, and then go to the original Legacy Challenge rules, or do your twin's children continue with the Legacy and you never bring in outsiders? 10 generations of All In The Family? *ponders* I'm curious to see what the genetics will be by the end. I think I'm going to do this! hahaha
  4. Hello! I am new WW simmer LOL! 😄
  5. Very nice story @XXLv! Looking forward to read more. Why is the maid after the guy and his relationship? Btw, I also posted a little extra video on Ashly here:
  6. oups @XXLv... I'm sorry for that! and thank you for your interest. The series will now be hosted here: let me know what you think!
  7. Hello my fellow wicked simmers! It has been sometime since I last posted and I'm back with some new content. Maybe a bit more different and starting a bit more mild for the innocent newbies coming in. The Cheating Writer - CLICK THIS I was bored and since I have too much free time in my hands, a nice and working pervert mind and wicked whims I have decided to create a story. Now, I made it as a slideshow for it to be more interactive and fun I guess. I tried my best to not make it so you have to read much, so don't worry about that. It does start mild but do not fret. I shall make it as spicy as it should. I HOPE YOU GUYS CAN READ IT AND ENJOY IT! Please leave a comment if you did and if you have any suggestion as well. Thank you~
  8. Oh sorry to hear that. I hope everything has been fixed!
  9. Seems very interesting! I like a nice incest story lol. As soon as I make them I'll post them! Thanks for the challenge! Have a Wicked day~
  10. Hello. I would love to see it but it says I need permission.
  11. May I ask why the action packs of the evil pets I downloaded only show two
  12. May I ask why the action packs of the evil pets I downloaded only show two
  13. This is my first Challenge, so I will accepted help Backstory of you sim. You always loved you twin sibling, more then you knew was healthy and normal.. But you weren't the only one, as you sibling loved you as well.. You both knew that your parents would never accepted your love so both of you ran away to New-crest to start a new life as a couple... But it won't be easy.. You always wanted your family to be only that, IN THE FAMILY. Teenage Boy Sim must have Family aspiration traits, Family Oriented, Romance. Teenage Girl Sim must have Family aspiration traits, Family Oriented, Sweet child must be random RULES: NO CHEATS, YOU LEFT WITH NOTHING SO YOU START WITH NOTHING (HARD MODE) but easy mode, you have $100 in you pocket.
  14. Hello community, please have a look at my first video creation here: Enjoy 🙂 If you like it I'll post the second episode (and more Ashly story) here!
  15. Hello! I'm a newbie to the forum but not to wicked whims. I recently updated everything, and downloaded all the mods I want etc. But the game is not recognizing the mods, so i only have basic actions. Can anyone hep me? I followed the steps to make sure i'm doing everything correct.
  16. Even with WW the game is censored! Can anyone help me fix this?
  17. i am last version of WickedWhims download and something is not work good
  18. Okay, so I play a lot of sims, for hours no sleep. However, it's mostly playing around with Wicked Whims (of course) and so I decided to make a little video. Its full of random scenes which I found sexy so yeah, excuse my poor editing this time. I didn't had any specific idea in mind so its just random. **Warning (And I guess you should know) It contains nudity and insinuation of rape/forceful sex** Overall, hope you like it, and if you do. Tell me, I might get in the mood and do a whole episode. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5d842c936d1ce Something.mp4
  19. Lol. Welcome! Don't doubt in sharing your exciting activities! Have some fun and stay wicked! (We can't entirely satisfy real life needs, but your sims can get it instead XD)
  20. omg LMAO. Welcome Welcome! Please do share your wildest activities and have some fun!
  21. Yeah I get that. This site has really opened my eyes. I play the sims and end up just you know, needing.
  22. I'm a woman 4??? none of your beeswax! lol I just want to say I love people but don't trust them at all : / so sexy sims suits me. I always have sex on my mind...I'm not gay though, it's always dicks this and throbbing cocks that! my pussy is juicing up, just from writing! LOL I'm a hot {and juicy} mess... I'm new ; P
  23. Hello wicked members! I've been away for some time due to computer problems, but I'm so happy to see how big this club has gotten!! I hope we can be a little bit active, or at least talk while looking for the new update or new animation! Have a wicked day~!

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