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  1. I just have a very old laptop that cant hang. In the past when I've tried to edit anything (not this specifically, wanted to try something easier) my computer will either freeze up requiring restart or overheat and shutdown. That said, that was using blender, I will have to give milkshape a try, however, that tutorial link doesn't seem to work. I'd definitely be fine with that too. One of these days when i have time Im gonna have to dig into milkshape and give it a whirl. Thank you for finding this link! I'm hoping my computer will be able to handle milkshape better than it can blender.
  2. So, I've been wanting to make a conversion for sometime now to make some of the sims adult male bodys resized for teen males. Specifically the ones venus princess has made (link to the top half body below) as it gives the body a more muscular and realistic shape. The EA teen body always looked strange in my opinion and has clipping issues. I wanted to take a stab at it myself, however, my computer does not seem to like running some of the software needed unfortunately. So, I figured I'd post here to see if i could put a bug in someone's ear to make the conversion! I'd be extremely grateful to anyone willing to give it a shot! https://venusprincess-ts3.tumblr.com/post/183726494513/venusprincess-simblr-vpsexytorso-bospiersbody
  3. I just cant get into the claymation looking sims, and lack of story there is for Sims 4. And yes, the cum is just photo shopped, unfortunately.
  4. Hey guys haven't posted anything in a while. Figured I'd share some stories/pics from my game. I've been wanting to make short stories again with these two like I used to on tumblr (RIP). Anyway haven't made one in a while and not sure if there is a better place i could post these or if i should just make a new thread? Seems like there's a mix of those two options on the TS4 thread. Hope you all enjoy. These stories contain gay incest as a heads up. The Farm Series (long af) Hand job and massive load. (no story) Shawn and Brett Pond romp (shorter story)
  5. Dont tell 😜 honestly, TS4 will never be TS3 in my opinion. It feels like a lack in depth to the game that 3 has, and not just the open world concept. 4 feels kinda empty where 3 feels kinda story like. idk... Anyway, first screenshot is from a custom world, Boroughsburg. Its based off Brooklyn and is one of the best to play in once you get it going and populated. Cant remember where I got the tent from lol.
  6. Haven't been able to do much editing bc my other computers been acting up. Here's some random old shots of Bret and Shawn (plus some others here and there) I've had that never got posted. Off the hiking path where none can see... What happens at camp, stays at camp Lemme take a selfie
  7. The CC added were all packages for TS3, and everything is currently working fine. Once the game load normally (modded) I closed it down. Re-added the CC I tried adding in the first place and started it back up. Everything is in game and works fine so it wasn't an issue with the CC installed. It is weird thinking its the Resource cfg. but that's what made everything work again so I'm sticking to it lol
  8. my resource.cfg must've became corrupt or something. downloaded a new one and all the mods worked... gotta love mods
  9. Patched at 1.69, nothings changed aside from adding and removing mods withing a two day period. I'm going to try re formatting my entire mods folder with a new resource cfg. idk what else to try
  10. Hey guys, So I played Ts3 on the 17th with no issues. On the 18th I added some cc, and the 19th i tired playing.... the game starts fine but none of my mods are working. my game now plays the start up video, if i open a game it is completely broken bc nothing shows up. i have my resource file... i deleted all new cc so my game is technically restored to how it was on the 17th and it still loads playing as if there is not mods folder. is there something im missing as to why my mods would stop working? Thanks in advance
  11. Haven't fully crossed over! I just haven't posted much in general. TS3 will always be preferred, just takes a while to load for me. I also wish it would get the support it deserves, seems like it got abandoned in place imo. Both are good, but theirs a depth to 3 that I cant find in 4. I'll post more for 3 soon!
  12. Its a long shot, but figured I'd throw it out there... the WTW animations from back before KW had so much potential. They were short and basic, but I think would be great bases and could use a breath of fresh air. Even if it was just readjusting for the Cmar penis and adding sound, but I think an animator could really take them one step further (granted, that's coming from someone who's not an animator XD ) Also, would love to see animations converted for a truck bed if possible (Fresh Prince Creations; GMC Sierra, Ford Raptor)
  13. I would really like to see a penis mod similar to the Cmar morphing Penis fro TS3. It was so detailed and you could make every single one unique. It seems like TS4 could definitely incorporate that and even one up the customization (head size/shape, veins, foreskin, length, width, ball size/height etc.) the penis mods now are good, but they are all so cookie cutter.
  14. Hey guys, First time posting sims 4 stuff on loverslab, trying to cross over to the dark side from sims 3. 😝 Hope y'all enjoy It was just us guys so we decided to go natural on this camping trip. And then it happened, I don't know what triggered it, but it happened... I didn't know what was happening, I always considered myself a straight man. I knew it was wrong, but damn, that kid swallowed my cock better than any chick I've ever been with. I started to feel remorse, but it didn't last long when he started to straddle me. We made a connection I've never felt with anyone before. As soon as i was inside him, a primal lust took over and i had to make his hole mine. Wasn't what his mother was thinking when she said to take a camping weekend to bond with my stepson. but we bonded alright...
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