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  1. I guess your game isn't original. Sorry, I don't know how to help you with that
  2. In this forum, just search "Nisa's Wicked Perversions"
  3. You can find them here on LL (except Basementals Drugs, it has it's own website). Prostitutin isn't a career like the others. Nisa's post explains how to use it
  4. Wicked Whims, Nisa`s Wicked Perversions and Basemental Drugs
  5. Quick question about installation: by "into the same folder where WW is installed to" you mean the folder where the *.package and *.ts4script files are, right?
  6. Estranho fazerem isso, pois o Victor Andrade é Brasileiro (de Natal) e PT-BR virou o português "normal" em jogos e internet
  7. Esse mod já vem com português, tem um br que participa da equipe
  8. Oh, no! It was a suggestion of how it could be implemented on ww. I'm sorry the misunderstanding.
  9. It could be done by restricting the category allowed by room. Eg. on clubs sims can only perfom "teasing" animations, which is chosen by the player in a pop-up to configure the "no random sex" sign.
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