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A place for people to enjoy all things fallout, SFW and not NSFW ;). Come join the Wastes and see its Wonders! Remember, follow and respect LoversLab rules.

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  2. Let me figure out how to save and share it lol
  3. Would love the bodyslide from that 1st pic, if you had a mind to share it?!
  4. Sooo got carried away in the creation kit just to load in and die in an instant lol...
  5. i dont have the screenie ( i will add it once i do) but the vault elevator was all air and i cant get fully out so i have to use a mod to help fix that
  6. Been a while lol, playing with Vortex and enjoying it! Now then, Val - can I call you Val.....
  7. I'm fascinated by such people because they do not have the fear to show in front of people and I respect the LGBT community and I love skyrim, Fallout 4 and Sims a strong lover of video games or I work in the kitchen this is my profession, I have 28 years from Croatia If you look at my profile you will be clearer
  8. Capturing the magic of post apocalyptic Boston has become a labour of love for me. Beneath the Basement Studios debuts with my video release entitled "Christmas in the Commonwealth". If you do, please like, subscribe, share and stay tuned. I'd love to hear your feedback. Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...and for God's sake, stay safe out there. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT0r_BdIPctbjChGaslJA0A
  9. I too have the elevator glitched and have no idea what it is that is causing it now how to fix it.
  10. Sorry I can't help - currently not modded (waiting on Vortex) so only have 1 male PC at moment around level 88 (completed all barring a few odd quests) - fingers x someone more knowledgeable will be along soon!
  11. I wonder if anyone else has seen this quirk. Starting a new game, when I switch from male to female I am left with the female protagonist not wanting to step forward to the centre of the screen, as seen in the image below... As well, for some reason, in vault 111, before exiting I notice that the elevator is invisible, as is the elevator gate. Does anyone know why this might be? Is there a mod that anyone knows of that causes this? Thank you for your time.
  12. Greetings fellow inhabitants of the wasteland. Thank you for providing this club. I have recently become re-acquainted with Fallout 4 video production and hope to share some stunning work with my peers here. Capturing moments in time in FO4 has become somewhat of a labour of love to me. Stay tuned, and for God's sake - stay safe out there.
  13. Here's my fun waste of time lol - scour the urban areas - one day I'm gonna do this with a nuke in the middle of a big group lol Fallout4 30-Nov-17 4_29_37 PM.mp4
  14. Hey, anyone come across some weird and wonderful stuff - post a screenie - here's a couple to start. Not sure if that was George Michael in the washroom..... And the cat... mmm.... that is dog meat at the foot of the painting.
  15. Hey, despite owning and playing every Fallout game (some of them more than once lol), I have to say I love FO4 even with all it's faults! Every FO game had good and bad - for the most part good! FO4 has a lot of detail and immersion to be had. Haven't modded FO4 yet, as I'm waiting for Vortex - I HATE NMM and have no wish to use it with a new manager on the horizon. Looking forward to some fun with a modded game early next year (fingers x ).
  16. This is a forum where you can tell people a bit about yourself and some of your interests in Fallout I'll start: Hi, I'm Bailey :). One of my new found hobbies is to create unique places and houses for my settlers in FO4. For example, I set up a factory that houses my power, all the workbenches (bar an oven) and three junk recycling factories along with two scavenger workbenches. I named the place "Sturges' Factory" and had him and another settler working the scav stations. Another example I did was "The Long Family Chemist". I had Marcy working there along with a barber and plastic surgeon. I decorated the building using the "Do It Yourself" mod.

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