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  1. i dont have the screenie ( i will add it once i do) but the vault elevator was all air and i cant get fully out so i have to use a mod to help fix that
  2. (disclaimer: at the moment i cant proivide the mods used in the photo i dont feel like uploading 43 gigabytes of my fo4 data folder) This is my Main char of choice. born in 2059 on the first of January in sancatry hills near vault 111. after spending 1 year in the cryo pod in vault 111 it caused Saphire's ageing to stop for some reason and affected her intestines "slightly" ending up in her with permiment memory wipe(execpt her cognitive funcions) is somehow still alive by sheer luck now in 2287 she saw all these people dead and she had a nervous breakdown (aka breakdown from nervousness) and remained in the vault for 2 days then finally headed to the surface. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jBja32PNnz28eHAFKxtSSfMpnHo_CZtl/view?usp=sharing ^----for the image open the link)
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