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  1. About that, keep in mind that newer banners had less visibility then the older ones, also a couple were deleted and post back later, loosing some likes in the process. That said, we will take this in consideration when the time comes. Thank you for your feedback. BTW, I notice you put a second version of your first banner, I will try that the next time.
  2. Actually what we need is to modified them to be VX compatible, that is why it's important to report them.
  3. I had a similar bug once, it was due to an addon body that interfered with faces. (Some of V7.5 are not properly scripted for VX). That said, if you ever locate the one doing that, please post it here so we can do our own tests, same goes with anyone with a bug due to an addon body. Thank you.
  4. Just to remind everyone about our poll, we will wait a couple of weeks to give a chance for everyone to participate. Thank you.
  5. The thread was closed because I forgot to do so in the first place, since it was just to announce the new Discord. Yes, any news regarding VX2 will be mention here, again the Discord was for Avarteas.
  6. Simply because Avarteas don't want to be at LL, and call it official channel won't do anything more since we're the only ones working on VX2.
  7. Everyone, Avarteas and I just created a new Discord channel just for VXI ( AKA VX2 ) info. That said, keep in mind that anyone that goes there to ask irrelevant questions/comments, or to cause problems, will be remove immediately. Thank you. https://discord.gg/9sacPvew
  8. Hi everyone, We have reached the end of the banner contest, please vote on your favorite. They are 9 entries here; The choices are listed in the same order as the posts, use that as a reference to select your favorite banner. Thank you, and good luck to our participants.
  9. Done, thank you for reporting.
  10. @PronZombie, if I can make a suggestion; Make a copy of your Female model, then in the files of the copy, edit file "Base.id" so the number is 0032, this will convert your Female copy into a Shemale. Easy way to convert any Female into a Shemale model.
  11. We just hit 500 members, not bad for a few weeks. That said, there is still thousands of ex Garden members that don't know we're here, so if you want to help, please spread the word around. Thank you.
  12. I lock this thread because all recent comments had nothing to do with the subject. Please use appropriate thread, or start a new one if needed. Thank you.
  13. Don't worry hdiddy, we know what we're doing. It's not our first rodeo.
  14. We want to make it clear that we will always support Hook, like we did with VX, VX2 won't be any different.
  15. Being a 64 bit engine that use DirectX9, means that current Hook will not work, therefore will require a new 64bits hook (Hook6). That said, as for compatibility it will all depends on how Pervo will make the new version.
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