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Many new things …



My luvs slept very long after our wedding anniversary and when they woke up, they both felt nauseas because they were drunk. After the shower they tried to jog and exercise but they couldn’t. They were still weak and felt dizzy. Anyway, after the work, my Fran brought the gifts we received for anniversary. The most common present was money but we received various fragrances, makeup sets and jewelry. Nick’s gift for my Prince was the electric curls maker. We died laughing reading included message that he will look more sexier with curly hair like Sharon Stone in ‘90’s. He laughed too and gave it to Zdenka. We also asked our moms to take the fragrance and piece of jewelry they like and when they did, my Ivy separated few things for Lidija. After counting the money, we separated certain amount for my Fran for his efforts in organizing all, my bodyguard and for Hotel band but he didn’t want to even hear about it saying that he was happy he organized it and that Hotel band also doesn’t want to take a single coin. But we decided that we will treat them with beverages and meals in the Hotel. When my Prince put aside the money for my bodyguard, we placed the rest of it in the “For the baby” box.



Now, good news about Fran’s assistant in my absence when I will be on maternity leave. I told you earlier that we have been looking for h.m. assistant from our country whom we can trust. Mister Valter came to our Hotel in Wednesday with middle age man, 40 years old. I will call him Vinko. We had business lunch in our Hotel with them: Boss, my Prince, Ivy, Fran and me. He introduced him to us showing us his resume. Vinko has the faculty in Hotel management and 7 years of manager assistant experience in few smaller hotels but he never had a chance to fully work in his branch. Mister Valter’s good friend vouched for him and recommended him as honest and hard worker. After short saying about his experience and desire to work in hotel management mister Valter also said to my Prince:

- Mister Prince, I already talked to Vinko and I told him about you. He knows that you are “Hotel’s guardian” and the person in charge for overall Hotel business. He knows too that working behind your back, having own agendas and doing any kind illegal jobs and breaking Hotel rules, bares heavy consequences. I explained to him about your methods and you have my word: he will not “step on your toes”. He knows his place and he will be loyal to the Hotel.

My Prince thanked him and welcomed Vinko in our team. Vinko confirmed mr. Valter’s words saying:

- Mister Prince, I was told you vouched for several people who betrayed your trust. I want to say only one thing: the day I screw up or you tell me you aren’t satisfied with my work, I will resign that very moment and you can do to me whatever you think I deserve.

Anyway, he is on 30 days of probation and have to learn our ways of doing things. If we will be satisfy with him, we will hire him. This is great news because my Fran won’t be alone in the office and he will have great help from him who is more experienced in hotel management then me and him.



We also had a big meeting with our business partners about summer season and our obligations to each others. I presided the meeting and Boss was very pleased with my work. I had few short pauses because my baby made me going to pee. Everyone behaved very professionally and nobody commented negatively. As the matter of fact they all congratulated my Prince and me on the baby boy. We made few very good deals and this time I knew all the business tricks. Oh, yes, this is very important. At the end of the meeting my Prince received “Thank you” note, written in golden letters, framed and signed by the hotel managers, our partners for professional and successful work, organizational and security improvements. You know my Prince; he thanked them but he ask them to not to do it again because he only does his job. Anyway, Boss, my Ivy and me were very proud at him and she hang it in his office.



Prince’s cousin Davor and his fiancée, Sandra got the jobs in Ireland and they are leaving on the 26th this month. Sandra’s cousin works in Ireland for two years and she found a job for both of them in their professions but for more money that they earned here. They visited us to say good bye. We had great time with them and we will miss them. As many other people from our country looking for better life they also tried their luck for better future. Our country is drowning in every way. The tourism is the only industry that keeps us going. Recent researches showed that our country is the second in the Europe in corruption and economy suicide. Instead of going forward and developing, we are going backwards. Stupid politicians.



I’m 24 weeks pregnant today and I visited my gynecologist with my bodyguard. My doctor was very glad to hear that I’m exercising every day, twice a day. She commended my healthy lifestyle saying that in the case of earlier baby due, the chances for its surviving are higher. This Sunday we will go to Boss’s house where we will have big family lunch. Boss’s wife missing cooking with my Prince. I’m sure we’ll have a great weekend. We wish you the same.


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She commended my healthy lifestyle saying that in the case of earlier baby due, the chances for its surviving are higher.

Every day counts and is a major step forward ... ??:classic_smile:

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23 hours ago, worik said:

Every day counts and is a major step forward ... ??:classic_smile:

> Indeed. Every day is harder than previous one until little one comes to the world. I don't think I will have second child so soon ;)

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