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  1. what werewolf penis mod do u use, as mine are way to long for my female character... you know long and grey?
  2. Damn that looks sweet.. Look forward to this 😉
  3. mfg console is the correct mod for this, also the info boxes are only activated when you press TAB key then TAB key to hide the info. But to actually get the info, open console click the character and the info boxes should appear, if not hit TAB key as that is the default Show and Hide info key.. @Gunslicer Any chance of the creature pack being update at some point... 🙂
  4. yer the download don't work yet the Patreon I guess does.
  5. Trying to get a good screenie of my female character upskirt, cause im a perv 🙂
  6. I totaly agree, BeeinFemale is very script heavy hence why it sometimes finds itself in my load order, (not often mind you) I only just discovered Fertility Mod and am very happy with it so far, and I love this add on for it... But like I said, BeeingFemale can not be removed mid gameplay, yet hentai and fertility can, hence why Fertility has won me over with this little addon and has defo found a place in my new load order.... Will you be adding creature babys in due course, little falmer are nightmares too look at but deserve some loving to have some sort of offspring 😕
  7. BeeingFemale is a gr8 pregnancy mod, umlike the others u can not uninstall mid game like the others, Hentai and Fertility Mod. But if this came over to BeeingFemale I defo would run it again.. Also BeeingFemale is very script heavy unlike the others and yes I know it is more to real life then the others.
  8. I have nearly 21000 hours in my Skyrim and it is all down to the modders. This mod is a massive bonus as it is a bit like the one for Fallout 4. Unlike that one if you have sex with just one NPC and you fall pregnant you have to go to them and tell them( like this one) so well done on that. So added to my mod list, disabled Beeing Female and Hentai Pregnancy, see how this goes, will report back when tested more..
  9. Any idea where I can get this dance from, please and thank you.
  10. @Gunslicer thank you for the creature update, the Riekling and female animation short update... Now that is what I am talking about, you have did it like I previewed in my mind. Awesome work, the other one that might need a bit of love is the other Riekling and Female on the bench sitting up, can not remember the short number, but that is like the one that you updated, only has 2 short stages... Other then that you are a awesome, fast animator. thank you//
  11. Well say at the start, like kissing pr spmething like that, then the 2nd stage she has hold of his penis and rubbing it up and down her vagina ready for penetration, 3rd sex then onto the stage in the pic, and then hope this would trigger impregnation or a pregnancy mod picking it up as a climax stage... Not really good at wording..
  12. Yes as its best to use SLAL to install and manage the animations, hence the SLAL name.
  13. I have to admit these are some awesome animations. Can I ask with the creature short can they be extended. The pic added is one of my Riekling favourites, and would love to know if this one will be extended a bit further and this has awesome potential even for being registered as a short. as with this type of sex act, this is seen as deep penetration and for those couples wanting to conceive, I use BeeingFemale as was hopeing that it would register when the Riekling and climaxed but never did..
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