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  1. So this was obviously made for LE and ported to SE, any chance of the LE version being made available so others can use it, as some don't want to go over to SE.
  2. Now I like the FG body, gonna try this out in my new playthrough. Many thanks for this 🙂
  3. As I run with AnimalSoS and BakaFactory Animated Beasts Cocks, And I know they are neither compatible together.... So if it works with AnimalSoS then so be it 🙂
  4. OK according to Backsteppo I am free to do as I please with his old mods, just waiting for the OK from Nexus as that is the only hosting site I can think of with no download limits...
  5. I had to grab SLA Redux loose files, and SLA Extended and now have the SoS option, and seems to work on Humans. So gonna try on live creatures. Also does this support AnimalSoS?
  6. I posted here as I have no idea if a LE forum for this mod is available, also as it seems everyone is going over to Skyrim SE this forum post would be my best bet. I have all requirements on LE version yet nothing occurs even if I use the spell, not on humans or creatures, any idea as to whay or what I am doing wrong. Advice would be greatly appreciated..
  7. Well I tried it the way you wrote, and it worked for me. Only trouble I had was I lost the breast bounce whith what it cam with in Skyrim SE. Other then that, least I got it in game on Legendary Edition, So thank you. 🙂
  8. Hi all, Old thread I know, but have got in contact with Backsteppo, am now waiting for his reply, to allow me to officialy hoste his ports. Stay tuned 🙂
  9. Hi all LL family, I am trying to get back into porting mods. I used to do it with Fallout3 to New Vegas and vice versa. I am now trying to get back into doing it for Skyrim, like CBBE to UUNP. I have searched all over for the right tools to do the job, now I always use Blender with Nif scripts. I am showing links that lead me to a place I have no idea of what to get (if a download link was there) Can anyone please give me the links for blender, nifskope, Nif Scripts, Pyffi and Python, that all run together so I can start porting CBBE to UUNP and vice versa. Sorry if this is wrong place, and please move to correct location if need be 🙂
  10. Hi all LL Members, I have a quick question, concerning horse penises in skyrim, I was just wondering if it is already made or possible to implement the HDT system for flacid horse penis(single or part of the aroused mod), Reason I ask is that some authors use the animated horse penis in animation (and they look awesome) , as was just wondering if it is possible to use them as a normal replacer when they are getting aroused, as atm all I have is a sheath then a rock hard horse penis and nothing inbetweem. I know this might have been asked before, but I feel it got buried long ago.. Just would like to see the horses proud of sways beneath 🙂
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