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Chapter 4 - Hard Reminders



Chapter 4 - Hard Reminders

If you missed chapter 3: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/182/entry-743-chapter-3-home-sweet-home/



Tolfdir walked with Alania into the college. She recieved a few stares from various people. When they reached the gate, a woman named Colette

sneared at her. "Now we're taking in strays I see. And what is the little savage here to do?"

Tolfir repremanded her, "That is no way to treat or guest. She is the only nord I've ever heard about living with giants. She could have valuable

insight into their language and customs."

Mirabelle also spoke up, although she didn't look away from her book. "I think you should not be so quick to judge others after your.."

Colette interrupted, "...I think that's enough. My apologies little savage.

Alania shrugged off the comment and simply said an insult in the giant tongue.




Tolfdir escorted her to the library to speak with Urag. He greeted Alania and gave her his customary warning about taking care of the books.




"Hey, I didn't know orcs could read."




"And I didn't know girls could speak giant."




Alania shrugged and started looking around. She noticed a book sitting on a table. It looked familiar. The name on the spine, the cover, the

size. She turned around, "Where did you get this book!"




Her shout startled Urag. "We bought it off some khajiit traders a couple years ago."




Alania opened the book and read the cover message aloud:


"To my dearest Alania, I love you more than life itself.

You are my dearest child, my earth little princess.

One day I hope you read this book to your children.

Never forget who you are or where you came from and one day, we'll return home.


Love mom."




Alania dropped to the floor sobbing and clutching her book.




"Are you saying this is your book?" Tolfdir asked. Alania shook her head yes. Urag said in a consolitory tone, "Then you keep it."




Once she composed herself, she told Tolfdir she needed to go back home but she'd come back tommorow. He escorted her to the gate.




She arrived at the camp and showed her family the book. She read some of it for them before she went to sleep.




The next day, she arrived at the college around noon. Urag waved her over when she entered the library. "So I was meaning to ask you, why is the

book so important?"

Alania smiled, "It was a gift from my parents. My mom would read this to me every night. Well, before they were killed that is. The people who

kidnapped me sold off everything we had. The book tells about where we came from. Mom used to say it held the secret to going back there."




Urag was skeptical. "Are you sure it talks about a real place? The places it talks about sound like jungle but it also describes some places





"I know it's real. I remember it a little."




"If you say so. Anyway, while you're in this library you have access to most everything her. What can I help you with?"

"Could you teach me to speak right? I don't spend much time around non giants."




"Well, you're not that far off now but I can help you. Why don't you write out some phrases that you think you say wrong."

"Umm, write? Can I just tell them to you?"

Urag suddenly understood the problem. "Okay, lets start with some practice writing."




The lesson lasted most of the day.




It wasn't until Alania heard her stomach growl that she realized how late it actually was. "Oh no, it's getting dark. I have to go back home. I

can come back tommorow."

"That's fine, see you then," Urag said.

Alania ran home quickly, not wanting to be out alone after dark.


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I dig the idea so far with the mystery of where Alania comes from and the giants are a total plus on the creative side. Waiting for the part where it all starts to unwind a bit now. ;)

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