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Nymph Girls, personalities and pictures.



Hi there Nymph lovers!  For this entry I will be going over the Nymph Race followers: giving a little bit of personality to the girls, and for Lykaea and Yulia, posting some pictures that are part of the release showcase.  You may have seen screenshots of these girls I have been posting while working on it, they've all undergone a lot of work to get to this point!






Race: Beast Nymph

Combat Style: Unarmed

Special Talent(s): Wolf pack (summons two level-scaled wolves), regenerates in combat


  • A darwinist who believes in her own strength above all else.  Has an obsessive desire to challenge anyone stronger than her to combat.
  • Her Beast Nymph nature means she heals extremely fast.
  • As a result, anyone who can beat her should probably expect to have to defeat the same crazy wolf girl a half dozen times or more in a single day.
  • Snarky and sarcastic towards those she believes weak.  Strongly opposes rule of the strong by the weak, probably a stormcloak supporter. 
  • Hates any kind of deception, which she views as weakness.  
  • Bases a lot of her philosophy on wolves, pack dominance, bravery vs a stronger opponent, etc.
  • Knows she is a nymph, but believes she is a werewolf type nymph.
  • Since werewolves are not actually a race, this is impossible.  In reality she is a Nymph with the blood of a Lilmothiit, a fox-like beastman.  She would be very upset to learn the truth.
  • She fights barehanded with a brawler style, and brags that she can punch a hole in a castle wall.  This may not be an exaggeration.
  • She will proudly boast that "LYKAEA COVERS HER BODY FOR NO MAN!!!" but for some reason she wears more clothes than your average nymph.




















Race: Desert Nymph

Combat Style: Two handed sword

Special Talent(s): Desert wind, a short duration powerful buff to her attack and move speed that also slightly buffs the player


  • A desert nymph who could be described as a wandering swordmaster.
  • Knows she is a nymph but believes most Nymphii live frivolous, pointless lives, a waste of immortality.
  • Dedicates most of her life to mastering her fighting style, she moves with inhuman speed and she has a very large, very heavy, blade which she seems to swing effortlessly.
  • Has an unusual way of dressing that she finds annoying to explain.  She wants to wear armor, but her Desert Nymph physiology means she would overheat if she covers too much skin.
  • Motivated by becoming stronger, similar to Lykaea.  However, unlike the She-Wolf, Yulia has no interest in relative strength, only objective strength.
  • Basically she doesn't care if someone is stronger than her, whereas if Lykaea met someone stronger than her she would obsess about defeating that person.
  • Again, compared to Lykaea's darwinist philosophy (the strong rule the weak), she is far more confucian (the strong protect and aid the weak).
  • Deeply compassionate and caring, but has very high standards for people, and they frequently disappoint her.
  • Since she is nymph, and ageless, these disappointments have led over time to her being very world-weary and she has a very dim view of humanity.
  • Can seem judgemental at times, but only because she does still care.
  • Has given up on trying to change things or do good, having experienced many lifetimes of observing no real difference resulting from her actions.
  • Greatly admires those who try to do good or make things better, but ultimately believes their efforts in vain.















Race: Wood Nymph

Combat Style: Magic

Special Talent(s): Glitterflies, a spriggan like spell of sparkly damaging insects which also absorbs magicka from targets, so she is very strong against spellcasters.


  • A natural hedonist who is always looking for something new and entertaining.
  • Never seems to lose her composure, always witty, charming and slightly amused.
  • She knows that she is a wood nymph and is not shy about telling people.
  • As Wood Nymphii go, she is highly unusual in that she prefers civilization and all it has to offer to the forest.
  • Only reluctantly wears clothing since dealing with gawkers, suitors, and guardsmen is in her words "a dreadful bore."
  • She may be one of the oldest creatures on Tamriel based on the stories she tells, but refuses to even hint at her true age.
  • Wood Nymphii have a superstition about saying age out loud, since they do not age or die naturally and don't get disease, they only die of violence or accident.
  • So to a Wood Nymph telling someone how long you have lived is like telling Death how long you have cheated fate.
  • Loves wine and mead.  Doesn't get drunk, but sometimes pretends she is, just for fun.
  • Tags along on Kayellie's adventures for the sake of amusement.  
  • Kayellie's personality, and how people treat her, is a never-ending source of entertainment.
  • Fights with her own magic, which is probably more flashy than it is effective.  








Race: Blended Nymph

Combat Style: Two Handed Sword

Special Talent(s): Stendarr's Might and Mercy, a powerful heal for all allies that grants temporary invulnerability, ie a bailout spell.


  • Extremely good natured and friendly, if you can imagine Ned Flanders (from the Simpsons) as a tall, sexy blonde woman, that's a good start.
  • Generally liked immediately by everyone she meets, always willing to help out.  Kind and generous to a fault.
  • Believes herself to be a noble knight and generally expects others to treat her as such (Your ladyship, milady, etc.)
  • Has a strong Don Quixote complex.  Tends to turn any mundane chore into a noble quest undertaken for the sake of all Tamriel.  
  • Somewhat out of touch with reality.
  • Also has a habit of causing a great deal of collateral damage when fighting.  Has accidentally destroyed several villages.
  • Fights with an enormous sword that can cleave a farmhouse in a single swing (as the unfortunate farmers will attest).
  • Despite this fact, nobody ever seems to get mad at her, her extreme niceness tends to make people put up with whatever she does.
  • She also doesn't seem to realize that she is the reason the poor villagers need to rebuild over and over.
  • Is no longer welcome in Markarth due to an incident she claims involved the slaying of a "water dragon" laying siege to the city.
  • There are no such things as "water dragons".
  • Nobody in town will go into detail except to say the watermill by the smithy was broken for a while afterwards.
  • Does not know she is a Nymph, and her Nymph sexuality conflicts strongly with her self image as a proper noblewoman.
  • As a result she has a victorianesque relationship with anything naughty: an obsessive interest, a refusal to admit it, and thus repression.
  • Frequently adventures with Arborea, who she claims is her squire.  
  • Arborea, who is not her squire, finds this irritating.







Race: Night Nymph

Combat Style: Spellsword

Special Talent(s): Flames of Sin, an unresistable purple flame that absorbs stamina.


  • Synne is a natural rebel and a compulsive troublemaker.  She will often say or do things to deliberately anger or offend people.  
  • She has a real talent for this: she always knows exactly what to say to grossly offend someone, and often can't help blurting it out.
  • Fights with a curved silver akaviri blade and magic.  
  • Claims the silver sword is a deterrent against werewolves, then tells an obviously made up story about how she almost became the concubine for a whole tribe of werewolves until they discovered they couldn't turn her.
  • Don't ask about where her magic came from, this will prompt her to start laughing maniacally and begin rambling about the Doom of Tamriel.
  • Has a tendency to tell ridiculous stories, many of which involve her, one of the divines (usually Mara), and the business end of a belt-mounted soul-gem.
  • It doesn't take long for most people to figure out none of these stories are true.  She's not a very good liar.  Actually, she's really, really bad at it.
  • If you catch her in a lie she will laugh and admit that she was just messing with you.  She's not a sociopath, after all.
  • It is unclear if Synne is her actual name, she just has habit of introducing herself as "I am sin!"
  • It is also unclear if she knows that she is a Nymph, if asked she will respond with the same answer, with more emphasis, "I *AM* SIN!!!!!"
  • She describes herself as a villain or nefarious character, but in reality she is probably closer to Dick Dastardly (from Wacky Races) or a cartoon mustache-twirling-villain than actually evil.
  • Deep down she's really just a lonely girl who can't can't seem to stay out of trouble and can't keep herself from pushing people away.
  • Sometimes teams up with Mystra, who Synne feels is too serious and who Synne tells to "lighten up, shortstuff."  
  • This usually ends their temporary alliance. Mystra HATES being called short.







Race: Blended Nymph

Combat Style: Staff and Magic

Special Talent(s): Frost Venom spike, an ice spike laced with frostbite spider venom, and her familiar, the Pox Golem, who has a disease aura and poisoned dagger.


  • An awkward girl who is something of an outcast, though she claims by choice.
  • Finds romantic advances confusing and has limited social skills, but her Nymph beauty means that never stops potential suitors.
  • She has adopted an aloof personality as a defense, and is more than a little vain.  
  • Definitely self-absorbed, since other people don't make sense to her, and as she would say, are often slow-witted and ignorant.
  • Is unclear if she knows she is a Nymph, when asked she will launch into a lengthy rambling rant about her research on Nymph subtypes and the inadequacies of imperial scholars.
  • Often responds to personal questions by giving a grumpy stare to whoever is asking the question until they change the subject.
  • Has a thorougly scientific way of looking at the world which is not well recieved by most of Tamriel's Medieval mindset.
  • Is somewhat neurotic about germs, disease, and cleanliness, which again, the medieval people neither accept nor understand.
  • For some reason that makes very little sense given her neat-freak personality, she has studied necromancy extensively.
  • This greatly limits the kind of necromancy she can study, since for someone obsessed with cleanliness reanimated corpses are about the worst things to have around.
  • Has crafted a golem that resembles a taller, bustier, naked version of herself, with pointed wood nymph ears.
  • If asked why she would make a naked golem that looks just like her, she will get annoyed and act as though it is a stupid question.  
  • If pressed she will become increasingly frustrated, eventually saying something like "What else should it look like? YOU?"
  • Can be thought of as a villain, but she's not really evil, she just doesn't like people and has ideas that are not well accepted by even the most scholarly members of society.
  • Deep down she probably feels like no one understands her, and wishes she could find someone she could relate to.
  • Sometimes teams up with Synne to accomplish some goal, an alliance that inevitably falls apart when Synne gets them into trouble that could have easily been avoided. Again.


Well, that's it for today!  For the next entry, I'll post the rest of the showcase screenshots, and elaborate a little bit on the nymph races (which I was going to do with this entry, but this post is long enough already).

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