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Chapter 1 - Down in a Hole



Chapter 1 - Down in a Hole


Bandit 1: "Maybe we could ransom her to someone."

Bandit 2: "We've already killed her parents, no one is gonna pay for some snot nosed brat."

Bandit 3: "I think it's funny she tried to fight. All it took was one hit to knock her out."

Bandit 1: "I've got it. We'll make her work the mine and clean up after us. Bring her along."




Alania wasn't allowed time to grieve. She was forced to mine ore in bandit mine day in and day out.




She barely got an rest at all. She wanted to run but she was always so tired.




After weeks of imprisonment she made the mistake or mouthing off to one of the bandits.

"Why you little!" he yelled. He drew his weapon, ready to strike. Alania screamed, "No! Please don't!"




She fell to the ground shaking and pleading for her life. The bandit looked down, "That's better. Just remember, you're nothing but trash and we'll toss you out with it if you give us any trouble.


Now what do you say?"

She looked at the floor and said, "Thank you sir."

"Good. Now run along and clean something."




She wasn't sure how much time had passed when she collapsed on her bed roll. She hadn't seen the sun in months.




Something woke Alania from sleep. It was the sound of shouting outside. A man and a woman, then it suddenly stopped. She heard the loud creek of the mine door.




It was a warrior woman, like the stories her mom used to tell her. The warrior was shouting obsenities at the bandits as she killed them.




She struck the last one so hard that her axe became buried in his skull.




The woman approached Alania. "So who do we have here?"

"My name's .... Alania. They took me prisoner." She was having a hard time talking due to her exhaustion.

"Well, my name's Tamaria. Let's get you back to your parents."

"They're dead. Bandits killed them."

"Well, we'll figure something out."




Tamaria picked up Alania and togther they left the cave.



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