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D/L (DDLG) Relationships



(this is a extention of my Bdsm Relationships entry.



One of the, more interesting kinks that is kinda bound into the realm of bdsm is

D/L (Daddy/Little) or DD/LG (Daddy Dom/Little Girl if you like to make long and complicated things ^^)


Now D/L is special to itself, since it might be one of the things seeming very weird to outsiders.


this kink is the source of all the popularity of calling people "daddy", because just like with 50 shades, society saw a kink and thougth "why not abuse it" xD


in this relationship one of the partners (the little) decides to act like a little boy/girl (the age can be different to what the person feels like, but is mostly decided upon at the start of the relationship

and the other part (the daddy or mommy, depending on gender) takes the responsibility of the little.

those relationships can still involve sex or punishing a bad little with a "good old spanking"

but there are also some that prefeer no sexuality (mostly asexuals) in their D/L relationship.


Depending on what age they agree on, this might involve a couple more of kinks (younger littles might need to be diaperd or feed, while older littles can be pretty independent)


The most often asked question by outstanders regarding this kink is "is this some incest shit" or "isnt this pedophilic"


well, i would say no to both, Daddys and Littles arent related to another, just boy/girlfriend wife/husband, who enjoy a different structure of relationship.


and, since these relationships happen between consenting adults, i dont see any problem in it and even if someone in a d/l relationship might be a pedophile, im glad he found a way to cope with his problems with another adult instead.


therefor on a final note, from what ive seen so far, the relationship between a little and a daddy is one of the most cute and pure things i have ever seen.


once again, the comments are open for questions and suggestions



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Thank you Leon for sharing knowledge and fighting misconceptions about BDSM, through your blogs and club.


If anyone wants to discover DDlg and AB/DL even further through games, they can check out the Little Space club. Just request access via the Join Club button.

We have cool exclusive mods for TS4 and Skyrim to match!


If anyone has any questions about the themes in this blog post, I'll be glad to answer them here as well :innocent:


As a Little and an Adult Baby, I'd like to emphasize Leon's point that Age Play (officially 'infantilism')  describes the the love for the abstract concept of childhood. So like, cuddles, coloring with crayons, watching cartoons, wearing cute clothes, maybe wearing and using diapers... (And when you bring a daddy in the mix it becomes DDlg)  :exclamation: It's entirely different from pedophilia, which refers to the morally wrong and illegal feeling of being attracted to children. 

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