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An apology



Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances these chapters are discontinued. My Skyrim this morning has lost most mods and now Racemenu has begun to stop working, meaning all my character presets are lost. When you next see the chapter it is likely that the characters will look different due to this change. I will be doing a full reinstall so everything may look different. Once again I am very sorry



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I'm sorry to read that, specially considering you've been posting a lot recently. If I can give you two advices to prevent you losing valuable characters in the future :

— Save your saves, face presets and body presets from time to time

— Do NOT use your main saves for your stories. Those need a lot of console commands/intrusive modding commands that can fuck-up savegames for good.


Good luck reinstalling, and thanks for the chapters already posted, I'll take my time reading those meanwhile. Smiley_jap_HFR.gif

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Are you sure your presents are lost? Even if Racemenu has stopped working your presents are saved independently of Racemenu. So even if the mod is broken for whatever reason the files itself might still be intact.  


Anyway, I wish you the best.

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