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Having Trouble With My Feet



Specifically, the Edhildil set's feet. They're displaying the same problem I had when I was trying to steal the spine from Vicn's Dwarven Trooper model: They crash the fuck out of Outfit Studio when you try to cut them. You can mask off zaps for each foot just fine, but when you actually select one in BodySlide, boom, fatal error, and trying to separate them into individual meshes in OS does the same. So I'm kinda stuck as far as doing variables for that set until I find a solution, which at this point seems to be something along the lines of finding entirely new feet for it. 


But the Gynoid set's working just fine (after a few hiccups), and I've settled on using that Petrovich boot for now. Although using it straight was a bit boring, so I made a few modifications. 




Did a reaaaaaally quick colorize in GIMP to turn the leather red (at least, I'm pretty sure it's red- colorblindness is a bitch) and adapted the shin plates from the TAWOBA boots to fit. Also edited the shanks a bit so that they can work with some of the existing leggings and pants... 




...Although those have the issue of limited compatibility with the variable limbs. So I re-fitted the 'stocking' from the second TAWOBA boot so it can be used as a zappable option part for all of the feet.




(Hmm. Might want to add chrome to the shin armor, looking at it again.)


Also threw in the second thigh armor set while I was at it, 'cause it's my favorite of the three. 




Wouldn't mind finding a cleaner looking second option for the stockings, but this'll do for now. Still have to start on the scut work of setting up the BodySlide files and Creation Kit entries for the Gynoid variables, and that's gonna take me plenty long enough as it is. This all remains the easy part.


I'm also poking at that spell for the Aster, but running into an annoying snag. All the light beam effects from Meridia's quest are available for me to use in an offensive spell, and I even found some existing mods that use them in such a way that I can get hints from, but I seem to be missing something when I try to build my version. I can get the magic effect put together just fine, following the CK wiki's guide, but when it tells you to select the effect from the drop-down menu when you're building the actual spell it's just not there. I'm probably just missing something stupid, but damned if I've figured out what it is yet.







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