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Two sides of the same coin!



My boss continued to teach me more sophisticated “tricks” in running the Hotel business and negotiating with clients and partners. He also instructed me in detail what to do in certain situations and he told me to regularly meet with executive board; once a week. He told me that Mister Valter will help me and advise me if I would need a consultation. I was scared and thrilled to be in the charge in the same time. But, I believe in my executive board and I’m sure they will help me and support me.



Returning home after the work in Wednesday we went jogging and my luvs continued to practice martial arts afterwards. My Ivy let me join them in wild sex and we “destroyed” my Prince. He had no strength and will to do anything else afterwards. He went to sleep right after taking the shower while my Ivy and me stayed little bit longer in the living room and I enjoyed sitting in her lap and smooching with her. She was very happy that she stopped hating Tina after her public confession of her misdoing. She said she understand now the feeling that my Prince talked about when he forgave her. I’m crazy about her. She is the crucial “wheel” in mine and Prince’s life and she fulfills the parts of our character lines that we are missing.


Thursday and Friday were very busy days for my luvs. It is the end of the season and almost all season workers were going home. Only few stayed until Monday. It’s not the secret that many guests from all over the world are stealing Hotel’s properties like towels, robes, ash trays, glasses, vases and similar. We are not exception, but many season workers in our hotel use to steal everything they could; the pieces of furniture such as mirrors, night cabinets, linen, taps, light switches and wall jacks and so on and so on. Beside that some of them didn’t like the sum of money they received although they were fairly paid off and when receiving the paycheck report, the list of the bonuses (if the deserved) and/or the list of money fine if they were punished for breaking the Hotel rules and assigned contract, they used to make scenes. Therefore, my luvs had to be on watch that those who were leaving the Hotel will not steal things from their rooms and that there will not be any scene in accounting office during receiving wage report about the sum that was paid on their bank account or to the agency that send them. Prince’s security teams from both shifts, morning and afternoon worked overtime for two days. We had no incidents. Every season worker had to report to the security guard before going to accounting office and his/her room was inspected that nothing is missing (the room was made for 4 workers). After room inspection, they returned the keys and they were allowed to go to the accounting office to receive their paycheck reports. If they stole something, they had to return it back or they were charged for stolen item(s). Same rule was set for the things they broke. It was my Prince’s idea, and you know what?! His method saved us several thousands of Euro that we had to pay every year for missing things from the rooms for season workers. Thanks to him, this year, our (extra) expenses were zero. We’ll have normal expenses for their rooms as we have every year: repainting and disinfection. Hearing that this year we had no extra expenses after season workers, my boss called my Prince in the office and he thanked him for great idea and he complimented his work and wisdom.


Besides that, my Prince had to be present on two small meetings with me and my boss and he and Ivy worked on the organization of my birthday party. They had the program ready, but, you know my Prince; he wants everything to be perfect and flawless.
Although they were both extremely tired, they didn’t stop to jog after the work and to practice martial arts. You might ask yourself: were they tired for sex? Of course NOT. We are never tired for sex. It’s our “food”, need, fulfillment, cure, relaxation – call it whatever you want.
I wasn’t even half busy as they were. And we didn’t skip to take our quick sex “dose” in his office during the big breaks. I even had a possibility to shortly come log on LL in Thursday to check my mail and answer some posts. But, my luvs, didn’t have.
Thanks to excellent job my luvs and their teams in Thursday and Friday, my boss rewarded us with the day off in Monday. My luvs and Fran appointed their substitutes and we came home very late


This morning was the same as all others; jogging, martial arts, wild sex, shower and coffee. Then my luvs went to shopping while I did laundry and cleaned the house. I wanted to spare them from extra work because they had the hell of the busy week. I also shortly talked to my mom and dad. They were very excited about my birthday party tomorrow. My Prince and Ivy returned home after two hours. The moment they opened the door I jumped on them and showered with kisses. They returned kisses to me and when I was about to go to the kitchen with them to unpack the things they bought, my Ivy deep kissed me. Her tongue in my mouth and her soft lips turned me on. I said to him:
- Honey, do you mind to unpack the bags? I need to fuck with Ivy.
He smiled and said: Not at all. Have fun witches.
My Prince went to the kitchen and unpacked the bags. Ivy and I made love in our bedroom using our toys. My, god, it was fantastic. Two incredible orgasms. We both needed sex with each other.


After the sex we took the shower and we joined my Prince in the living room who was talking to our boss on the phone. When he was done, I sat in his lap and I asked him about their shopping. He said that they smooched and hold hands all the time and she didn’t tease anyone. She was very romantic.
I was surprised to hear it and I kissed my Ivy saying that I love her.
Ivy: But, he didn’t tell you the whole story, Princess.
Me: There’s more?
Prince kissed us and said: I let you two to talk. I’m going to do few phone calls.
He went to the balcony. I had a feeling that something happened that my Prince didn’t like and wasn’t willing to talk about. I sat in her lap and asked her to tell me.
Ivy: After the shopping we were in the mood for having a beer. On our way home we stopped in one bar to have a cold beer. He let me pick the table and when we sat, very hot dark hair tall slim waitress approached to our table. She was kind of gothic type. She had very sweet face, she had cool tattoos on hands and left side on neck and dark makeup, very good legs and ass in tight black jeans and short black shirt. I knew she was Prince’s type. I got wet imagining fucking her. Prince and I smooched and she was watching at him eating him with her eyes all the time and smiling. When I told him that I would love to fuck with her and asked him if he would like to fuck her he said he wouldn’t.
Ivy: You wouldn’t?!?! Honey, you couldn’t get off your eyes of her, especially her legs and ass as she walked away from the table.
Prince: All right, I did! She has great body and she is beautiful. So what?!?!?
Ivy (to me): I was surprised with his nervous reaction. Then I went the toilet and when I returned I saw two more beers on our table and pieces of the teared napkin in the pile. I asked him why did he ordered two more beers since we didn’t finish the first one and what was those pieces of napkin. He told me that the waitress treated us with beers and that the teared napkin contained her phone number. I was shocked. I said to him:
- Honeeeeeey, why did you do that? She is your type of the girl and she wants you!
Prince: Ivy, I’m not interested. Just drop it. OK?
Ivy: You are very strange person! I’m trying to understand you, but I still can’t!
Prince: Honey, didn’t you learn anything about me after all this time we’ve been together?! I said: “I’M NOT INTERESTED!” How many times do I have to tell you same things over and over again - stop pushing things?!
Ivy: Princess and I never missed opportunities like this! …….. I would understand your rejection if she isn’t your type and if she is not warmed up for you, but she is! Why are you so fucking difficult and complicated?!
Prince: You still don’t get it? You and Princess on one side and me on the other side are two different sides of the same coin. If I want to have anything with her I would, but I’m not interested in her no matter how attractive she is to me.
Ivy (to me): I had a feeling that something else is behind and I wanted to hear the real reason:
- Honey, then help me to understand you! Hundreds of thousands guys wouldn’t miss the opportunity like yours. I know you are different, but still can’t figure out what makes you reject the girl that is attractive to you and wants to fuck with you ..…. What’s really bugging you?
He looked at me sadly and he said:
- Oh, Ivy, Ivy …….. If you only looked under the surface with your heart, not by your mind. Honey ……... I know my weaknesses. It’s one thing having the lust for some beautiful girl and longing to fuck her, but it’s completely different pair of shoes fucking the girl that has potential to awake different feelings toward her; like falling in love with her …... I rejected to have anything with her because, knowing myself, I might fall in love with her and I don’t want that. The moment I saw her I liked her. …… Ivy …. my heart belongs to you and Princess and no one else. By forcing me into accepting invitation for sex with her you are risking too much: our marriage and my love for you and Princess…….. Honey, all I know that I love you and Princess and that I want to spend the rest of my life with you two ………. We did, we do and we will fuck others, but I will not have sex with girls “potentially dangerous” for my love for you two ……. Do you understand what I’m talking about?
Ivy (to me): Princess, I was so ashamed and I immediately regretted all I said to him. Fuck! I knew but I completely ignored the fact that he was different than millions of people. I saw he had chance with her and I only wanted to help him. My fucking god, I realized that I don’t really know him as I thought I do and I didn’t try to look his rejection from his point of view.
Me (compassionately): Honeeeeeey, it was nice of you that you wanted to put them together but, how could you forget that he is not like us …… and why were you persistent?! You and I knew when and how to switch off our “love” feelings for others so far without problem, but he doesn’t know. He is romantic in his soul and easy to seduce. He knows no other way of fighting against his feelings except by rejecting to have anything with the girl he likes. That’s how he handles his weakness. We talked about this several times.
Ivy: I know, my love ……… I’m stupid, careless bitch that have cunt in my head instead of brain! There are still some things left in me from our past and sometimes they take me over.
Me: What happened afterwards?
Ivy: I hugged him and I asked him to forgive me. He deep kissed me and said that all is fine although I saw sadness in his eyes for I didn’t understand him. He paid for the beers and we went to the car. While he was driving he didn’t say a word and I was cuddling his back neck all the time criticizing my stupidity within myself. When we came home and parked the car, he approached to me and hugged me firmly whispering to my ear: “I love you, my crazy witch.” And then he smiled. I knew he forgave me and that all is fine again.
Me (melted): I didn’t doubt at all that he will forgive you………. Ivy, my love ……... we really must put all our efforts to love him the way he needs to be loved, not the way we think he should be loved. Both of us didn’t learn this lesson yet. That’s why I printed those words and placed it in very visible place.
Ivy agreed with me and she said again that she made mistake and that she’s sorry. I kissed her and I said that all is fine. Then she went to him and they both went to the kitchen to make a lunch. I used my time to finish this diary.


I’m very thrilled with my Prince. He fights with every threat and the danger that can jeopardize our marriage in the way he knows the best. Just as we. We are young and there a plenty of time to learn more and better ways. So far we all fought very well to preserve our marriage. He rightly said that Ivy and me and him are two sides of the same coin, but we are still the same coin.


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I agree with Prince ;) I wouldn't be interested either if I had two witches of my own too :D and if I was around you guys and you asked me to join you guys in group sex I would say no too  :P it just wouldn't sit right with me ;)

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I agree with Prince ;) I wouldn't be interested either if I had two witches of my own too :D and if I was around you guys and you asked me to join you guys in group sex I would say no too  :P it just wouldn't sit right with me ;)


Haha ... I appreciate your honesty and I also agree with my Prince. Ivy too. But, my friend, if you think you will resist Ivy's seduction, you are deluded. :D  She will seduce you and she never fails. :P

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