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Who is the biggest sex addict amongst us?



The truth about who is the biggest sex addict among us, finally came to the surface.



My angels returned from the shopping in Saturday. They kissed me and we started to place the articles into the kitchen cabinets and fridge but none of them talked about shopping.
Me (extremely curious): What? Are you going to tell me what kind of fun you had this time or not?
Ivy: I had fun. I’m not sure about Prince.
I kissed him and said to him: Honey, tell me, please.
Prince smiled and said: I had a sort of fun. Your wife, honey, is one big child. Coming to the big grocery store we hold hand and kissed all the time. I enjoyed. But, when she saw a father caring his 6-8 old daughter on his shoulders, she wanted me to carry her on my shoulders. I told her that we are both tall and that we’ll look strange. She asked me would I be embarrassed if we do that and when I said that I wouldn’t, she jumped on my back and climbed to sit on my shoulders. When we walked by them she said to little girl:
-Hi, sugar. I’m Ivy. What’s your name?
Little girl: I’m Lana ……. Aren’t you too big to be carried on the shoulders?
Ivy: I’m helping my husband to find the articles we want to buy. I’m giving him directions….. I can help you and your dad to find what you need to buy since I can see all from up here.
The little girl said to her dad:
- Can she help us daddy? Pleaaseee!
Her dad looked at me and he barely sustained not to laugh. I introduced us to him and asked him if my wife and I can join them. He let us. So, we helped them to shop first. Ivy had a great time with little girl. They were talking and laughing while I panted under her heaviness.
Ivy: Heaviness? Honey, I have 54 kg. On my **height, that weight makes me skinny. (** Ivy is 192 cm tall).
Prince laughed and said: Looking skinny and having 54 Kg aren’t the same thing. 54 Kg are still heavy load to carry on shoulders for half an hour.
Ivy (teasing him pretending she’s offended): Why don’t you simply say I’m fat.
She turned her back on him. My Prince tried to hug her and kiss her, apologizing and complimenting her look and body perfection, but she didn’t let him calling him a liar and sweet talker. I died laughing. Then she let him to kiss her and she warped her arms around his neck and said:
- Oh, my love, you are such an easy prey. There’s so much you have to learn about women. But I love your innocence.
She deep kissed him.
Prince: My legs are sore.
I told them that I will make the lunch and that they are free to do whatever they want. My Ivy took him to the bedroom and she massaged his sore legs and kissing his body all the time. Of course she rewarded herself. She deep troated him and enjoyed in his hot sweet cum. I prepared the sea fish with salad in olive oil. After the lunch, we took a short nap and went jogging. After that they practiced martial arts and they let me to fuck with them afterwards.


After the shower my Prince saw one missed call. It was Guy 1. Prince called him back and he said that he called him to report solved incident in the Hotel. Prince put him on the speaker and he asked him what happened:
Guy 1: Checking my boys if all is OK I came to the bar. I immediately spotted two prostitutes at the bar. They were pimping two guys. Knowing that prostitution and pimping are against the Hotel rules, I discreetly took the pictures of them on my smart phone. When was about to send them to Antonio to check on them, I spotted one guy sitting in the corner and watching them. He looked suspicious to me and I took the picture of him too and sent it to Antonio.
Prince: You did excellent job my friend. Prostitution is illegal and if someone report us to the police, we might have ended on the court and pay very high penalties.
Guy 1: Have no worries, bro. Me and my boys memorized all the rules you said to us on the first meeting. So, very soon Antonio send me the message that those three are freelancers who are trying to infiltrate prostitution business in the hotels. They are known to the police and they have been arrested several times. I called one of my boys and I told him to invite the girls into the lobby while I did the same to their pimp. Coming into the lobby I confronted them saying that I know who they are and that they have to leave the Hotel at once or I’ll call the police. I told them that if I see them next time, I will break their legs first and hand them over to the police. They left the Hotel.
Prince (thrilled): You did exactly the same thing I would do. You made me very proud, my friend.
Guy 1: Thank you. I knew you’d do the same, therefore I acted the same way.
Prince (confused): How did you know I would do it that way?
Guy 1: Haha …. Bro ….. We know so much about you. Antonio instructed us to follow your pattern.
Prince: How does Antonio knows so much about me and my work methods?
Guy 1: Ask Gorgeous …… Listen, I have to go now. I just wanted you to know that everything is under control and that you can sleep peacefully. Bye.


Prince looked at Ivy. He wasn’t mad but was surprised. Seeing him surprised and wanting to ask her about the explanation, Ivy told him:
- Honey, you know that Antonio and I close friends. All that he knows about you from me was positive things. Whenever you saved and protected Princess and me, whenever we learned something new from you, whenever you were romantic, brave, gentle and kind, I always shared with him. That’s why he knows a lot about you and that’s why he knows how will you react in certain situation. And most of all, those were the reasons why he likes you and respect you. Your deeds for me and Princess made you the brother.
Prince: Did he asked you to do that?
Ivy: No, my love. I decided to do it. You know that he is still in love with me and that he is concern about me. I wanted him to know how much you love both of us and that he doesn’t need to worry about me and Princess. You know that he will do anything for me, just as you would ……… Do you remember what he told you several months ago when you asked him for help?
Prince: Yes, he told me that he helped me because of you.
Ivy: Right! Since you became a “brother” he helps you because he trusts you and because he likes you …… He knows I’m the happiest woman in the whole world and he is happy because I’m happy. All those “reports” to him were “praises” of you. I wanted him to know how good, loving and caring you are.
My Prince hugged her firmly and deep kissed her. Then we went to the bedroom.


We watched two “Saw” online movies. Part 3 and part 4. The scenes were to bloody for me and the movies were too cruel although I like watching horrors, but my Ivy and my Prince were thrilled. She made us laugh when she said that jigsaw is her new idol and that she’ll turn “uncle’s garage” into the workshop for making devices like he had for Tina. Our joking turned into the serious conversation in which we analyzed our feelings toward Tina. My Prince doesn’t hate her at all, I’m still angry at her although my anger is fading away, and my Ivy still hates her. My Prince must teach us the lesson about forgiveness again. It helped us. We promised him we will work more serious and harder on changing our hostility toward her into compassion and at least neutral feeling, you know: “I don’t like you, but I don’t hate you either” feeling.


This morning we did as all other mornings. During the “coffee tradition” while I was sitting in his lap and we were sipping the coffee from each other’s mouth he said:
- Luvs, what do you think …….. who is worst sex addicts amongst us?
Ivy and me (unanimously and laughingly): You are!!!
Prince laughed and said: I can prove you’re wrong!
Me: What do you mean, honey?
Prince: I want to play a game……..
Me: Ohohoho, is it perverted like “Grapes from ass”?
Prince laughed and said: Nooooooo! You always call me “easy prey” when it comes to sex. I want prove to you that you are worst sex addict then me and that I can last longer without sex than you two.
Ivy: No, you can’t! …… And where that idea suddenly came from?
Prince: Jigsaw inspired me. He and Triloque’s words from one of Princess’s diary about necessity of working on our sex addiction…
Me: We tried, honey….. it didn’t work……. We decided to accept our addiction because we love to fuck.
Prince: OK …. I understand that, but I want to prove to you that I can endure without sex much longer then you two.
Ivy and I laughed hard and we said: Honeeeeey, you’re are forgetting one important thing.
Prince: Which one?
Me: The power of female seduction. You have no chance against us. You’re too weak. We’ll “destroy” you in couple of seconds.
Prince: I challenge you.
Ivy (excitingly and kissing him): Really?!?! .. Oh, my, we gonna crush you, my love.
Prince laughingly: Maybe. But, we’ll play under my rules!
Me. Let’s hear them!
Prince: You, dirty witches knows my weaknesses. Therefore, we’ll play fair. No sluttish outfits, no stockings, you two aren’t allowed to make out on the front of me and tease me exposing your legs and similar. Everything has to be normal, like we are on the work or any other place. The point of the challenge isn’t to seduce me, because you are masters of seduction. The point is to sustain from sex in normal circumstances not using mine weaknesses. Let’s see, who is the worst sex addict.
Ivy: All right. We’ll play according to your rules. What’s the winner’s price?
Prince: If you can sustain from sex the longest, you aren’t the worst sex addict and that’s your price.
We accepted the challenge.


After the fruit breakfast we went to villa to see Marko. We also gonna have big family lunch.
We were all doing fine after 2 hours without sex. After spending some time talking to Marko, Ivy and I went to the kitchen and helped our moms to prepare the lunch. My Prince, dad and Marko played the cards and having fun. It is now 4 hours without having the sex. I started to miss Prince’s and Ivy’s kisses and touches. Thinking about it made me feel warm and wanting them. I asked Ivy how does she feels and she said the same. When we started to eat, we didn’t sit in Prince’s lap and we didn’t feed each other and eating from each other mouths as we always do which was strange to our parents. They have been worried. My dad asked us:
- Is everything alright with you, children?
Me. Yes, dad.
Dad: I wouldn’t say so. You behave “weird”.
Me: No worries dad. We aren’t disputed. We just trying to do things differently.
My dad looked at us like he doesn’t believe me: “OK … if you say so.”


I noticed that beside us, my Prince was also “on needles”. He squirmed on the chair and he was lightly sweating. He missed or touches and kisses too. No, we can’t let him win. He surely is the worst sex addict. Fifth hour past by and Ivy and I also started to sweat and we became tensed. While the guys watched TV and talked we prepared cake, coffee and beverages. Being occupied with work didn’t help us. Ivy and I needed sex but none of us wanted to be the first one who will ask my Prince to fuck us. I started to lose my mind. The pictures of his handsome athletic body and big fat cock and Ivy’s perfect long legs and tiny ass flashed in my mind. Although I’m always wet, I became extremely wet. I felt my panties being very wet. I tried to distract my thoughts on something else. I started to talk to Zdenka but my thoughts were unconnected and I couldn’t form the meaningful sentence. I realized that I had to admit that I’m the worst sex addict. I apologized to Zdenka and when I wanted to go to my Prince to take him to the guest room to fuck me, he was gone. Same as Ivy. I looked for them and I found them in the guest room fucking hard and widely.
I quickly dressed off and joined them. My Prince fucked us in turns and Ivy and I fucked each other with our hands. We all moaned in pleasure and relief. We didn’t fuck long but we had incredible long orgasm. We had to bite him on his shoulders to reduce the volume of our screams. He came too and filled my pussy with his hot cum. Ivy ate it lustfully not sharing the single cum drop with me. We sneaked into the bathroom and took the shower.


During the shower we talked who is the worst sex addict. I said it was Ivy. She denied saying that she saw how much I needed sex and that when she heard me talking to her mom she knew I was “defeated”. She was just faster than me in getting prince to fuck her. Prince said that it wasn’t easy for him too. He wanted to fuck us. My dad’s and Marko’s questions and conversation kept him under control and temporarily stopped his intensive need for sex. We concluded that I’m the worst sex addict. Yes, my Prince is week on certain fetish, lesbian sex and kissing, Ivy’s sporty legs and ass and my dark skin skinny body, but in normal circumstances, he can control his need for sex much better then Ivy and me. We were wrong about him and we confessed.


When we joined to our parents we knew they know what we were doing. Marko must comment:
- Was it reconciliation sex or you were working on our grandchildren?
My mom (sharply): MARKO!!! If you aren’t ……. Good gracious! You and your dirty mouth!
We all laughed loud. We hugged them, kissed them and thanked them for the lunch and we went home.


We purposely let my Prince driving so that my Ivy and I can smooch and suck each other’s tits on the back seat to make him hornier. The mission succeeded. We barely entered into the living room when we started to rip off each other’s clothes and start to fuck again. We didn’t let him go until we both had few orgasms. Then we drained his balls out. His hot sweet cum was our early supper. We took the shower again and after enjoying in the laying on his chest cuddling and kissing we confessed that we like to be who we are and that we love to practice our addiction. Being addicted to anything isn't good, but we found the comfort that our addiction isn't chemical (drugs, alcohol, pills etc.), and it's not the worst addiction among behavioral addictions (gambling, stealing, robbing, raping, bulling, etc). We are aware that every addiction has its consequences, so as ours, but we'll always try to make it less hurtful for others and ourselves.
Sorry Triloque, we tried again and we failed. We confess: we can’t go more than 5 hours without sex. Therefore, we won’t torture ourselves with it. It doesn’t matter to us who is worst sex addict amongst us (it is I). What matters is that we love sex and we gonna fuck whenever we want, when we feel to and when we have a need for it.



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I can't say I'm addicted to sex because I've only done it once in my life and just barely cause I cut it short....hmm I can't think of any addictions I have if any ;) I'm basically saying I wouldn't know what you guys went through  :P But I'm glad to see you try. Now just imagine people who don't have sex at all like a few people I know.  :lol:

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I can't say I'm addicted to sex because I've only done it once in my life and just barely cause I cut it short....hmm I can't think of any addictions I have if any ;) I'm basically saying I wouldn't know what you guys went through  :P But I'm glad to see you try. Now just imagine people who don't have sex at all like a few people I know.  :lol:


Only once?!?!?! Jesus, I feel sorry for you my friend. Sex is the best "thing" that exist in the world beside love. Anyhow, being the sex addict is not a "pleasurable". We need our "doses" as all other chemical and behavioral addicts. If our need isn't fulfilled, we are dysfunctional which result with bad work quality and other consequences. But, it's a "sweet" addiction and we fully enjoy in it. ;)  :)

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Fun fact: I'm a 20 year old male who hasn't had sex nor come close to a girlfriend. "How do you live without sex?!?!" With loverslab, porn, skyrim, depression, and being hideous. 

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Fun fact: I'm a 20 year old male who hasn't had sex nor come close to a girlfriend. "How do you live without sex?!?!" With loverslab, porn, skyrim, depression, and being hideous. 


I'm glad for you. :)

It's good that we are all different. I'm not expecting anyone to be like us. :)

My answer to my LL friend, Jayomms about "feeling sorry for him" for he had sex only once was more teasing. I do not judge anyone's life style. Live and let others live is my motto.

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