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7th Screenshot Collection



blog-0698208001404105782.jpgSo I wanted to have all of the screenshots I have uploaded over at http://www.loverslab...ex-screenshots/ in one place as it is a bit tedious finding all of them since there are so many spread out over the months, so I decided to share them here! for all to see and enjoy. I also did some converting to my collection to jpg so I didn't want to just re-post them in the same place, so I thought a blog would be perfect.



My other screenshot collections

Finished and combined Story Entry #2 here!

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My ENB -> http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1211-yoshis-enb/


This time im trying out some new animations and showing off my new character. I figured out this neat trick where I could get another one of my characters from another save into this new one and I got some nice 3-way shots with both of my characters. So here you go 2 of my PCs giving it to Sofia, everyone's favorite funny gal.


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