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Answers to Questions.



Took awhile to get other story stuff sorted together, but now that's done.
So here are the questions.

Aria(Agent Tex): Emily when can I see you again, I want to hang out.... and of course Fuck you but mostly hang out.

Emily: Sure, might be a little busy, found some extra jobs.

Aria(Agent Tex): Titus. Hey Dragonborn can you sign my boobs. I'm a big fan.

Titus(ther1pper): I don't think i even own a pen, you got one?

Aria(Agent Tex): Satsuki you seem cool, I'd like a spare with you.... and then some alone time xD

Satsuki: Sorry, I appreciate your feelings, but i'm interested in someone else.

Aria(Agent Tex): Sylvia where you been? I havent seen your ass in any chapters recently

Sylvia: Pest control as you saw, and dealing with my idiot co-workers, now if you'll excuse me i'm on my way home.

cahir 10: Did you make a biger story with Sylvia? She is my faurite character, I like when she after sex lose her clothes and have to go naked. Can you make continue for exgzample in town and someonce see her? Or she meet nude Emily?

Titus(ther1pper): I'm assuming you mean "can you" not "did you" i'm currently struggling with what to have her do at the moment besides thieves guild stuff. Not the greatest at telling stories that really tie together like Sai, Tex, and Collygon. I just make long-ass chapters. Might come up with something though.

Nickr 1: How on earth does Emily avoid pregnancy as a nymph?

Emily: I'm an Expert Alchemist, it'd be weirder if i didn't know how to make potions that act as birth control.

Rock&Rule: Will your next story be another arc? Or will it be some one shots? Kind of wondering what's going on with Fiona and where Sylvia has lost her panties lately. :D

Titus(ther1pper): First of all, your name i like it because it reminds of me the Motto "Wreck and Rule from Wreckers in Transformers", Second um....this Arc which should be everything including the doors and the evil warriors should be going until chapter 40 i guess, then the sequel should start with 43 because shit should really start hitting the fan once that comes out.....provided i can get everything to go the way i want that chapter. Third um, you've seen 37 and 39. I'm currently deciding on how i want to set 40 up, you might see Sylvia there too due to it being a crossover chapter.

Thank you guys for your help with my skyrim and computer problems lately, really helps me out a lot and makes it easier to put stuff out when everything is working. Gonna try to push the next 2 weeks to see if i can get 40 and 41 out.


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Hahha thank you.


Aria: Shit I don;t have a pen too... 

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Lol, good answers! It's great to hear you were able to get your computer issues fixed. I went on story overload with all those chapters dropping at the same time. It made my week. :D

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