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One of those weeks....



So for the last 2 weeks my internet connection has been down more then it has been up.


It started on Friday June 17th.
Someone down the street from me decided to have a pool installed in there back yard....


As all things fucked up and underground go... they did a bang up job or cutting thru the fiber optic cable that handles the AT&T service for my block. And leave it to me to have an AT&T DSL service (cause U vision is not in yet, and Comcast has crap service when shit fails in my area to TN).


So from Noon or so on Friday June 17th thru to Monday afternoon (June 21st) the phones and internet were down for my house.... damn you really don't know how used to something you get until it disappears for a 4 day weekend.


Then last Thursday June 23rd (around noon) something else fucked up. AT&T contractor/phone technician (being helpful as they were or not) told us it would be monday afternoon before it would be back up.
Needless to say... it wasn't back up until Tuesday June 28th (around 9:30am give or take).


Irony, other family member called in to get re-embersed for the 11 days of outage for phone, internet, and to the lesser extent the dial out of our security system.... AT&T rep offered $15....


Lets see Internet service is $54.99 or some shit like that, phone is close to $45... so for 30 days we pay a $100 or so... and for 11 days of outage they want to give us $15.... Hmmm I'm really wondering how bad the service is on Comcast's Xfinity Triple play in the Arlington,TN area.... cause that was just a spit in the fucking face for an outage they could have fixed (the second one) 4 plus days ago (tech had to reset a unit in the remote station cause the remote reboot would not take).


Hopefully nothing else fucks up this week with AT&T or we'll switch come hell or high water!!!


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Comms companies can be such shysters. There's one in the UK who use the ADSL Contention Ratio salesspeak fudge of "up to..." for broadband speeds to supply customers with up to 8Mbps contracts with actual rates in the Kbps range. Even when the consistent highest speed reached has been shown to be 4 or 5 times dial-up speed they can just answer "well, it does say up to...".


R Soles.


At least the neighbour cutting the cable (has happened here too, aren't people supposed to SURVEY?) wasn't their fault.

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I used to cover customer service for a major carrier in the US.  $15 is normally all a customer service rep has for adjustments/ courtesy credits that they can offer on their own.  If they didn't try to pawn that off on you they would likely have been fired.


It's really all a wash when it comes to issue resolution on those subjects with any major internet provider or cell phone carrier really.  The representatives all have to try to get you to agree to settle for much less than what should be reasonable otherwise they lose out on part of their pay or their jobs, then they put you on hold for several minutes getting bitched at for leaving you on hold for over 30 seconds because they had to wait in line to try to get approval from supervisor/lead who is bogged down with a flood of other requests usually resulting in them not paying attention to the request and denying it for xyz reason of the month, and finally it results in a back and forth between you, the rep who can't give out what you want and some supervisor who has about 20 other people shouting in their ear.  It's true for AT&T, Comcast, and virtually everyone else involved in the same line of business.

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Guest endgameaddiction


They should reimburse everyone who had their phone and internet down that whole time, then take that sum and charge it on the idiots who caused all of this to happen.


I say that's only fair. Seriously, being an idiot should be a fine.

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