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Crazy idea, big difficulty

Storms of Superior


So I decided that I didn't want to climb to 7000 steps any more. Now I'm trying to put together a mod that involves summoning a door. Can anyone suggest a mod to study to figure out how to make an inanimate object summonable? Thanks, folks.


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Have the object already placed somewhere. But disabled.

Have its ObjectReference in a Property.

in a script place the object to the desired location (close to the player?) and Enable it.

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There is a mod called Spells of Guardians, Time and space, it gives me a spell called Blink like from dishonored. Aim with your crosshair and cast and you teleport there, how fast it goes depends on how far, if very far will get a short loading screen. I use that mod to just teleport my way up the mountain.

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