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Could be better, could be worse...



I've spent the last couple of days working on fixing some of the bugs flagged up by the alpha testers, The process has been complicated somewhat by the fact that I'm staying at my parents' place for a couple of weeks and they've been working hard on getting me away from the computer so I can be sociable and spent time in the healthy open air. I can't entirely blame them; I have a hobby that looks a lot like sitting in a darkened room on my own and doing nothing much in front of a computer.


So, progress has been less than I'd hoped.


Of course, it hasn't been helped by my winding up talking to Septimus Signus in one test run and deciding that it would be fun to be able to whore Ingi out to him. I mean how often do you get to write dialogue like "I'll sink my root to spend my seed and plumb such depths as no Dwemer ere did delve"?


On the other hand, prostitution options aren't going to help the whole "keep it small" principle.


And on top of that, I've realised ingi's dialogue is organised all wrong. I've talked myself out of making two new quests to handle it, but I'm still going to have to split up her monolithic great branches into lots of smaller ones and using hellos and views a lot more. It's basically a good idea: it was getting hard to maintain those massive trees, and when the CK crashed or hung they'd all collapse so all the boxes were on top of each other and I'd spend several hours restoring the layout so I could see what I was doing.


Still, overall I've spent the last two or so days spinning my wheels.


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