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Loved although being punished



Our children, Mikey and Precious regularly practice martial arts with my luvs. Mikey is more interested in it than Precious who often needs extra motivation. Nevertheless, they are committed to it thanks to their mama and tata. Mikey learned yesterday what it means to be loved although punished. Namely, we are teaching our children not to touch or take our stuff (and anyone’s stuff) without asking first, especially not to play with sharp objects. While we were at work, he was helping my dad fix some stuff in our garage. Yes, it still has the “Uncle’s garage” plate near the entrance we put it in the honor of my Prince’s uncle after he died. We all loved him very much. Anyway, while my dad was fixing the hair fan, Mikey was sitting near him on the cabinet watching him. When my dad put a battery drill near him only for a second because he couldn’t put it on the other side of the cabinet, Mikey took it and dropped it on the floor. (It was an accident). It bounced and hit my dad in the leg making him bleed. Seeing it, Mikey started to cry saying he is sorry and that he didn’t want to hurt his grandpa. Although my dad never yelled at him and he took him into his arms comforting him and saying all is fine, Mikey couldn’t stop crying. Then they entered the houses, and my mom disinfected my dad’s wound and bandaged it. He told her not to tell us what happened. But Precious told us when we came home. My dad tried to justify Mikey saying that it was his fault and that he made mistake putting the battery drill near him. My Prince took Mikey into his arms and walked to the children’s room. He said they have to talk.

Mikey (sobbingly): Tata, please, don't ...

My dad stepped in front of my Prince saying:

- I will not let you punish him, Prince.

Although my heart cried too, I intervened and said to my dad to step back and leave my Prince deal with Mikey the way he thinks he should. (My Ivy and I already learned to fully trust him because he knows to deal with the children). My dad demanded a promise from my Prince that he will not spank Mikey, but my Prince asked him nicely but firmly to move away from the door. My dad moved away from the door when my mom joined me telling him to stop interfering in my Prince’s parenting. He went to the balcony being very mad kicking the kicking bag.




Anyway, we heard Mikey crying for some time. They both came out of the room after some 15 minutes. My Prince held him in his arms while Mikey had his hands wrapped around his neck and his head leaned on his chest. Then he invited us and my mom and dad to join them in the living room. When we did, he said to Mikey:

- I want you to tell your mamas, your grandpa, and grandma what did we do in your room.

Mikey (sitting in my Prince's lap and playing with his hands):

- Tata asked me how many times he told me and my sister not to touch things that aren’t ours, especially tools, knives, and sharp objects. I said he told us many times.

Prince: Why did I say you aren’t allowed to touch and play with such things?

Mikey: Because we can hurt ourselves and others.

Prince: Did I lie? What happened to your grandpa because you didn’t obey me?

Mikey: No, you didn’t lie, tata. I dropped the battery drill and it hurt grandpa’s leg.

Prince: How many times have I only warned you not to do it again before I punished you?

Mikey: 3 times.

Prince: Correct. And what did I say will happen if you disobey me next time?

Mikey: You will spank me.

Prince: Correct again. But tell us what did I say why will I spank you?

Mikey: To teach me that disobeying bears consequences, the punishment …

Prince: Do you remember what I told you about punishment? What is the purpose of it?

Mikey: You said that punishment is the act that will keep me from repeating of doing things I am forbidden to do.

Prince: True. Now, when I spanked you, Mikey, did I enjoy doing it?

Mikey: No, tata, you didn’t. You cried too and you told me that you love me very much but you have to do it since I was disobedient.

Prince (kissing his head): Do you believe me when I say I love you?

Mikey: Yes, tata.

Prince. Now, before you apologize to grandpa, Livio, say, did you learn your lesson?

Mikey (coming down from his lap): I did, tata.

Then he walked to my dad and while he was taking him into his arms he said he is sorry for touching his tools and that he hurt him. My dad hugged him firmly while showering his face with kisses and saying that he loves him very much. His eyes also filled with tears. As for us, we were very thrilled with my Prince’s pedagogy. Later on, my dad apologized to him for interfering in his parenting saying that he did an excellent job in teaching Mikey valuable life lessons.




I hope you understand why I posted this story. Have a nice day LL. :classic_smile:



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7 hours ago, Evaloves4 said:

> Say, do you have some similar story with Elena'


My mom, sister and brother do the punishing. I just use words and mean looks. I sometimes use various minds tricks like using her stuffed Hello Kitty to convince her to do the right things because she doesn't know or understand speech well enough yet. She may be older than Mikey and Precious but she is way behind them in terms of learning, speech and the things they know. :(:heart:;):thumbsup: 

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