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High adrenaline



We worked on Saturday. Everything was great. Preliminary calculations say that the summer season was more than successful and that after paying the tax, fixing certain things, repainting rooms, and replacing broken things we are 43% in plus. So, with that money, we can be relaxed if the winter season fails.



We went out on Saturday evening and had a great time dancing and enjoying in various cocktails in the “xxx” club. To my surprise, we had no incident. Some guys ate my Ivy and me with their eyes, but they behaved. Probably because they saw his and my Ivy guns covered by their jackets which revealed when they did fast spins. Anyway, it was fantastic and we returned home making love after taking a hot shower.



Yesterday was a very interesting day. My Prince and Ivy had a serious talk with Mikey and Precious in the morning after breakfast telling them that it is time now to start practicing martial arts seriously. Mikey was thrilled. He has some experience and knowledge about it since my Ivy trained him, but Precious showed no interest in it. Then they explained to her why it is good for her to start to practice it too. Although I am not fully for that because I want to teach her and train her to be a lady one day, I understand my luvs’ concern for their safety and them being able to defend themselves. I decided to help them. I took Precious on my Lap and kissing her face and patting her head, I explained to her the importance of practicing martial arts and that she won’t lose her beauty, gentleness, and feminine side if she does it. She will be beautiful and perfect like her mama (Ivy). She liked my explanation better and she decided to start to practice martial arts together with her brother. Oh, my they had their first training with mama and tata and they were extremely cute. They took the training seriously and I know they would be fine since they have very good teachers.



After nice lunch, we took a nap and then we watched some cartoons with our children. Late afternoon – early in the evening, our parents and family members came to watch a soccer match, Austria vs Croatia on TV. Damn, we knew they would come but we weren’t emotionally and psychologically ready for soccer euphoria and noise. We talked about what shall we do. My Prince and I decided to stay home anyway and be with children, but my Ivy wanted to go out. She said to my Prince:

- Honey, my adrenaline is extremely high and I need some action. I need some fight!

Prince: We can spar if you want …

Ivy: Nah, my love, I need something more concrete. I need a real fight: punching vandals’ faces and breaking a few teeth. We have the perfect opportunity now. Let’s go to the town and kick some asses.

Prince: I don’t know, Ivy … You know I don’t want you to get hurt.

Ivy: I won’t get hurt! I promise! Besides, you will be with me and you will watch my back! Oh, oh pleaaaase, pleaaase pleeaaaaase (showering his face with kisses and rubbing her twat on his crouches)

My Prince deeply sighed, but knowing how much it means to her, he agreed. You should see her happiness. I wasn’t OK with that idea, but knowing how much it means to her for she is a warrior, I deep kissed her and said to be careful and to watch herself. I didn’t have to say anything to my Prince for I knew he will perfectly watch her back and protect her.



So, they kissed our children and me and they went out. I didn’t worry. They returned 4 hours later. This is what she told me when we were laying on our bed before sleeping:

- We walked around following fans who were loud awaiting them to do something illegal or improper like destroying or damaging something or throwing glass bottles around. Well, we weren’t lucky at the beginning but later on, we came across 4 very loud jerks. I had a feeling they would do something bad. And one of them did. He didn’t want to pass the plastic garbage pail, but he lifted it and threw it on the road. The garbage was scattered all over the road. I approached him and demanded to pick it up and return it to the owner. He started to laugh and he told me:

- Well, who will make me? You? Look at yourself skinny tall ladder. You better kneel and suck my cock ….

(Ivy to me): He didn’t finish the sentence for I kicked him in the balls and when he bent, I hit him in the face with my knee so hard that he fell on the ground and the blood sprinkled from his nose and mouth. Seeing what I have done, his pals attacked me. Prince wanted to stop them by firing the gun in the air but I asked him not to. Anyway, jerks had no fighting skills at all. Very soon all of them were laying on the ground moaning in the pain. Then we ordered them to collect the garbage and return the garbage pail to its original place. And they did. I think they still wondered what happened to them. Ha ha ha ha … But, honey, the best part after that was that Prince was very thrilled and horny and he fucked me good in one entrance. After that, we circled a little bit more and met two other violent groups, but after telling them to behave, none of them was willing to fight. They apologized and cleaned the mess. Annnnd that’s it.

Me (kissing her): I am glad for you, honey. Say, your adrenaline is normal now?

Ivy: Yes and no, Princess. I still need some action.

Me: All right then, I want you to make me cum trice, my love.

She laughed and she fucked me very well making me cum three times while my Prince went to the children’s room, placed our little angels on his chest, and slept. Yes, I love my crazy savage barbarians no matter what.



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Mamma mia, ammiro la signora Ivy per il suo coraggio. Ci sono pochi uomini che oserebbero combattere tre persone contemporaneamente. Sono contento che non si sia fatta male.

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