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… stupid childless bitch!!!



Davor and Sandra arrived in Croatia on 25th. They flew to their home town first but they will visit us in Sunday. We are very excited about their coming. I said to my luvs how I hope that Sandra is still swinger and that I can’t wait to fuck her. My Ivy devilishly smiled saying that she will fuck both of us.



Monday wasn’t easy for my luvs. They had three very unpleasant events. First one was when our children came to our bed in the morning. They were told not to crawl on their daddy because he is hurt. They saw a bandage over his wound and they wanted to know how he was hurt. Since we didn’t want to tell them about details that they wouldn’t be afraid, we told them that he was hurt on the work for he wasn’t careful enough. When they heard that it pains him very much, they started to cry. Oh, my, none of us expected that. They wrapped their hands around his neck and repeatedly saying they love him. My Prince melted like ice cream and his eyes filled with tears seeing our children being very compassionate. This is something they didn’t inherit from me or my Ivy, but from him. Being touched by Mikey’s and Precious’s reaction my Ivy felt another “wave of guilt” and she started to cry too. My Prince and I hardly comforted them. Second unpleased encounter was with the chief of the police. He commended their capturing of drug dealers, but he lectured them for being careless and sloppy. He verbally “washed” them hard and he gave them two weeks to “gather themselves”. The third one was meeting with Antonio. He is a family and a friend and because he loves them and is concerned about them, he yelled at them for a sloppy job. He couldn’t’ believe my Prince made such a beginner’s mistake. Furthermore, he repeatedly told (yelled) them several times: “When you are on fucking field, you fucking trust no one, especially no fucking drug dealers!!!!” He also told them if they do similar mistake again, he will send them to basic self-defense and guarding program again. But he hugged them at the end and said he loves them very much and that’s why he yelled at them. Although my Prince wanted to work, Antonio didn’t let him. When he said to my Ivy that she can go to work, she refused because she didn’t want to go without my Prince. Anyway, they returned home to the joy of our children. Guess who was happiest? Precious. Because her dad is the only person in the family who is patient enough to listen to her blabbering. While my Ivy was with Mikey on the beach, my Prince laid on a deck chair resting. Precious was sitting on the children chair next to him, holding his hand, and she was telling him all ”important” things, often repeating: “And you know what, daddy?” Then he would make a surprised face saying: “No, honey,I don't know. What?” Oh, my, they were sooooo cute.



Since they were home, my luvs watched video about parenting with our moms that Zdenka brought while dads were with the children. They saw it earlier. My Ivy told me later that my Prince was very furious at the psychologist. She claimed that physical contact with children such as hugs, sitting in the lap, holding in arms and kissing them on their lips and revers is wrong. She said that although she has no children of her own, she is assured about the consequences; that great number of those children turns to be perverts and practice incest in later age. When my Prince heard that, he went mad, and he angrily said:

- You’re full of bullshit fucking stupid childless bitch!!!! (to our moms) – she is not competent to teach anyone about children upbringing!!!

He rose from the chair very furiously and went to the balcony. He started to kick the kicking bag, although he was in pain. My mom said to Zdenka:

- Your husband and I told you that he wouldn’t like it. It is too liberal and eccentric.

When he calmed, he apologized to our moms and my Ivy for the reaction. Zdenka apologized to him. He then asked them not to call him to watch videos like this one, explaining that this new model of parenting actually separates parents from their children. Our moms didn’t resent him because they know how much he loves our children. When our dads returned with our children, he took each of them into his arms, hugged them firmly and kissing them on their lips he said he loves them very much. Mikey and Precious returned a kiss and a hug to him. The four of them took the nap in our bedroom. Our children in the middle, between my Ivy and him.



Yes, my Prince is a unique person. Did he overreact? Yes, he did. He is too sensitive and overprotective when it comes to my Ivy, me and our children. Sometimes it is hard to understand him, but my Ivy and wouldn’t change him for no man in the whole universe.

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This is something they didn’t inherit from me or my Ivy, but from him.

Seriously Eva

I think you sell both yourself and Ivy short


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5 minutes ago, dharvinia said:

This is something they didn’t inherit from me or my Ivy, but from him.

Seriously Eva

I think you sell both yourself and Ivy short



> I told the truth My Ivy and I weren't compassionate. We became compassionate when we met my Prince. Most of our lives we didn't care for anyone, nor even for our own parents.

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