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Dying in shame (this morning)



My luvs were very horny this morning. They wanted to have quick sex before our morning family coffee. Since the children were about to come to our bed, they moved to the office, forgetting to lock the door. Losing the sense of time and being very horny, they fucked longer they planned. Since I was occupied with children, I forgot on them. Our family gathered in the meantime and our moms served coffee, tea and other beverages. Anyway, our air condition broke. My dad asked my Fran to open the office door and make draft. Just as he did, everyone heard my Ivy saying to my Prince: “I want you to cum in to my mouth, honey.” My Fran froze standing on the doorstep while everyone went silent. Then Antonio blasted in laughter. Fran quickly closed the door and after a few more minutes of silence, everyone tried to behave normal. My Ivy came out of the office and after a short shower she joined us in the living room. Since she has no shame, and she doesn’t mind being caught in sex, she smiled and winked to Lidija and our moms. Buuuuut, my Prince stayed in the office “dying” in shame. He didn’t want to get out. When our moms said: "It is OK, son. We saw you naked and in sex before, and there is nothing to be ashamed of." he locked the door again, and he said he will not come out until everyone go away, especially our moms. We all died laughing. He came out when only he and Ivy stayed at home. My Ivy called me and said that he was very tensed for he didn’t have orgasm, but she deep throated him, and he came into her mouth. I know for sure that my Prince wouldn't be able to look our parents in the eyes for a long time. My poor baby. ?


Schitts Creek Comedy GIF by CBC


P.S. you have to know that none of us mocked him. His embarrassment was cute to us and I posted it not to make him more shamed but to tell you how much we love him and how cute he is when he is caught in sex. :)

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5 hours ago, worik said:

:classic_blush: I can feel the embaressment.



> You know what makes it fannier? He is tall, muscular giant with the body like Apolon, can almost have any girl he wants and yet he is so shy like a 13 yers old boy. Oh, my, I sooooooo love him. :)

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