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Another one bites the dust



I taught Mikey and Precious to read and write first 5 letters of our alphabet. Since two of them are very similar in writing and pronunciation they pronounce them same. Now, guess which letter is their favorite letter? “A”, because they can shout it: AAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAAAA. Oh, my, they are so cute. The good news is that our parents will continue my work with them when I am at the work. That means, they will teach them Croatian alphabet but also improve Italian, their second language. Mikey understands Italian very well and he speaks it pretty good with his grandparents. Precious is little bit behand him. We encouraged them to speak Italian when they play together.



Saturday early in the morning we had very heavy showers. My luvs, ran to swim in the sea. When they returned they couldn’t stop giggling, exchanging kisses being excited about great time they had. Mikey was in my bed with me and was very angry at them because they didn’t take him with them. So, my Prince had to explain to him why they didn’t take him. Since it didn’t help, my Prince took him into his arms and went under the shower, opened warm water and let it fall on Mikey's head who constantly wiped his eyes because water was falling into his eyes. He didn’t cry but he asked his father to stop. My Prince stopped, took the towel and dried him. Then he told him:

- Do you understand now why your mama and I couldn’t take you with us?

Mikey: Yes, tata.

My Prince showered his face with kisses. I love the way he explains things to him.



The three of us had to work in Saturday. I worked till 14.00 and they worked till 16.00. When they arrived home we spent some time with our children and then we went out to “our café”. Ivan, Lidija’s husband worked and he joined us at the table that my Prince picked so he can have a clear sight on all interior. Ivan told us that Lidija told him about what happened in the office. My Prince and Ivy made an apology. Ivan said that he has no problem with hers smooching with my Prince because he knows why she did it and that he trust both of them. He also said that he likes when Ivy tease Lidija but he asked her to be more careful in the future. He confirmed that Lidija loves my Ivy regardless of her rough jokes and she feels like true member of our family. The three of us apologized to him again. After that, we had great time joking about many things. But, while we talked, my Prince watched what is happening in the café. He noticed that one guy often went to restroom and that new guy followed him every time. He said to Ivan and my Ivy to go to the entrance and guard it so they won’t escape if he fails to catch them. He went to the restroom and came out after few minutes. He arrested a drug dealer and his customer. The drug dealer made mistake. During arm search he pulled hidden knife on my Prince who punched him in the face and broke his fingers. He forced them to sit with us until police arrival. Two policemen arrived in civil outfits to avoid publicity and curiosity. They took them away. My Prince spoke with café workers asking them if they knew about drug dealing in the café. They swore they didn’t know. He threatened them if he finds out that they lied to him, he will hurt them badly. He also asked Ivan to pay more attention about drug dealing in the café. Very soon the chief called him and commended his action. My Ivy made a toast for successful arresting of another drug dealer singing Queen’s: “Another one bites the dust”. Before we left, Lidija called Ivan. She didn’t know we are with him and that he put her on speaker. After his “Hey, Lidija”, she said:

- Hey, love, how are you? I miss you very much. Can’t wait for you to come home.

Ivy: Awww, that’s very sweet of you, my cherry pie. I miss you too.

After few seconds, when Lidija realized that it is my Ivy who answered to her, she addressed her various swears and insults. We died laughing. Anyway, we had excellent Saturday night that we closed with kinky sex in our bedroom.



We had family lunch at our house today. My luvs were at the work and I cooked with our moms. Men were in charge for children. Of course, I had to be excused because Mikey and Precious often came to the kitchen just to give me a kiss or a hug. They actually wanted me to play with them. We had excellent lunch. When my luvs returned from the work after the lunch, they weren’t hungry but horny. After kissing the children, they asked me to join them under the shower. I did and we had excellent sex while my Fran watched the kids. We spent afternoon at home with our children playing with them and enjoying being together.

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