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The traffic



The three of us were on the bed before the sleep on the day my Ivy have beaten two bullies. She was laying on the top of my Prince kissing his chest and lips. I laid next to them and I observed them. I could almost see how strongly love radiated among them. My Prince smiled and said:

- Your fight today was very impressive, my love. I truly enjoyed watching you beating those assholes.

Ivy: Weren’t you afraid for me?

Prince: No, not at all. You are better in real fight than in sparring and those two idiots didn’t know to fight at all.

Ivy (biting his lower lip): I just want to be as good as you so I can protect you better … I would die if anything happens to you.

Prince (smilingly): I know. I feel the same for you and that’s why I love you with all my being, my crazy blond witch.

They were looking into each other eyes and smiled. Then they merged their lips and they started to “eat” each other while their every moan was longer and louder than previous. I wanted to leave them to enjoy in themselves but they simply dragged me between them and fucked me very passionately making me cum twice. I can’t even describe their orgasm: they sounded like wild animals before the fight and she made few very deep and bloody fingernail stripes on his back and chest. Anyway, my Ivy, who was already too zealous to practice martial arts started to practice it even more delicately and eagerly. My Prince’s eagerness for practicing martial arts comes from desire to protect us and oppressed, and hers comes from: protecting us and to fight by his side. That’s all she wants. Must tell you this again: she likes to be submissive in sex to me and my Prince, but in real life, she isn’t submissive and obedient to no one except to him. That’s how much she loves him and respect him.



There was Euro 2020 sucker match between Croatia and Portugal in Monday. It was very important match. The whole family gathered again in our house. Croatia lost the match. During the game I was with my luvs, moms, Lidija and the children on our beach. The children enjoyed swimming in shoal with me and my Prince. The cheering from the house was very loud and we could hear most of their dirty comments and swears (my dad and Antonio). When Mikey asked my Prince: “Daddy, what fuck your mother means?” he explained to him that it is very bad and ugly expression and insult that adults often use when they are angry at someone. He told him that children (he and Precious) aren’t allowed to swear. Mikey is very smart child. He said to my Prince:

- You should stop uncle Nio and grandpa Vio saying it. (Nio=Antonio, Vio=Livio, my dad)

My Prince pet his head and kissing him he ran to our house. He returned very soon. We didn’t hear any more swears. After the match, Antonio and my dad came to the beach and they apologized to us and our children for swearing. They also said to them that it is bad and wrong and that they will never do that again. That was the gesture that Mikey accepted. My Prince made Antonio and my dad to do this or there will be no more watching soccer in our house.



It was very hot day yesterday. Coming home from the work my luvs stuck in the traffic (road repair). The drivers were very nervous. Before I tell you what happened you must know that in our country driving through the yellow light that turns on red is the offense. You are not allowed to do that. So, when my Prince followed the car in the front of him, the light turned from green to yellow. The driver ahead of him passed through yellow but my Prince stopped. The driver behind him was frustrated with his reaction wanting him to drive through yellow so he can follow and do the same. In such frustration he angrily honked to my Prince swearing through the window. Not wanting to create more of traffic jam he let the driver pass him when he had a green light. But he followed him discretely. The man drove so fast through the city that he didn’t’ care about pedestrians and street signs.

Seeing the man exiting the car in the front of his house, my Prince concluded that the man wasn’t in hurry because he needed to go to the hospital or similar, but he was only nervous and wanted to be home as soon as possible. So, he asked him to stop showing him his badge. He said to the man that his nervous behaving in the traffic doesn’t help anyone but rather make it worse. He also told him that he was in the hurry too for he wanted to see his children but he controlled his temper. When the man said: “I don’t give a fuck about your saying for you have no right to lecture me…. “ my Prince punched him very hard I the stomach that man fell on the ground groaning in pain. Then he said to him:

- I have your name, address and car number plates. If you ever violet the traffic rules and hurt any pedestrian, I will be after you and you'll pray that I am in good mood!

My luvs sat on the bike and returned home. He checked on the man and he discovered that he has several heavy traffic violations already. 16 years old cyclist was hurt by him because of speeding through the city several months ago. Well, the man doesn’t know how lucky he was that my Prince didn’t have that information earlier.

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