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SFSX - -Episode 3 Battle To Survive



 ----Super Fighter Slaves X - -Episode 3 Battle To Survive----

Length: 34:13






A big battle emerges! And the fate of the world is at hand.
Will the heroes come out victories?
Or will they fall to the might of this new foe?


? Hentai : 10%

? Action : 85%

?️ Story : 5%
Google Drive Link: Episode 3


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Still amazed how you managed to do so much with so little (specially considering the monster could not be animated. Yet you managed to sync their displacements with the characters' animation, and your own effects. So despite a certain "low budget" feel, the action sequences do go on quite efficiently, and so we immerge ourself into a sort of adult DBZ story. Also liked the limits you did put about shintai mastery, this power and its limits allowing you to set up good twists. And all of that with violence or sexual levels that aren't smoothed out by commercial logics. Good entry ! :D


Malicia : « Looks like things are going bad, uh. They should very call someone stronger to help them, or steal the cub while the blue elf is sleeping, yes. :classic_lightbulb: »

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