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Flag Making in Fo4



Oh no! Nora has been mistaken for a raider and forcibly enrolled in the Raider Reform School!


I expect she's bound to learn a thing or two in that situation! What say you, Gentle Reader?




OK, you got me. These are test pics for the RRS flag which I just got working.




Couple of tips for anyone trying the same thing: save the flag as uncompressed dds. Otherwise, CTD when you try and look at it in the workshop. And don't put your logo too high up on the flag, since the way the flag bows down clips the top off the design.


Not that any of that helps Nora, of course. Poor Nora.






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This was originally going to be a tutorial piece, and I decided all I was really in the mood to do was post the pics. I guess the title is probably a bit misleading now.


I'll do the howto at some point if anyone's interested.

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