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Thora arrives in Skyrim, eager to apply to the Bards College and hone her craft, but the fates have other plans in store for our erstwhile Bard and her ancestral homeland isn't at all what she was expecting. 

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The Adventures of Alma The Amorous Alchemist: Prologue

Welcome back to the land of Skyrim! 😄   Today, we're meeting a brand new character named Alma, and joining her on her journey. I'll be honest, I created Alma with the intent to tell some stories that were a bit more lewd than my typical fair and, while this short, introductory tale is definitely lewd... well, as is often the case with me, plot and characterization, and side characters kind of wormed their way in. Regardless, I hope you enjoy.   As always, my other work can be


LexiAJ82 in Alma's Story

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