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  • Submitted: Apr 20 2017 04:28 PM
  • Last Updated: Apr 24 2017 11:40 AM
  • File Size: 79.34KB
  • Views: 14884
  • Downloads: 1,250
  • Special Edition Compatible : No

Download Absolute Necro V1.03

- - - - -
Necro SexLab


Absolute Necro


A mod that bring love in the afterlife ... sort of


What is it?
This mode is a suite of linked stories that give a large place to Necro.
This mod is made with a female player character in mind, but may work with a male PC (maybe some dialogs may be a little weird).


Initial release has 2 stories in it, and 3 others will be added later


How to Play? just let the courier reach you, and you should be ok. For the second Episode, you’ll have to wait four days




Episode 1: The Gift
It's hard to determine who or what is the gift, but for sure, several people may be a little pissed off.


Episode 2: Dysfunctional Family
A loving father, and some sons that want to learn from their father. What may go wrong?




Strong Requirement:

  • SexLab V 1.62 (and all his requirements, including SKSE)
  • ZaZ Animation Pack 6.11 ( will work with 6.22, but retainers wont appears)
  • Fuz Ro Dho
  • SLAL
  • FunyBizznes by Shashankie (http://www.loverslab...-by-shashankie/) since there is a lot of Neco anims (since some are used by name, you should really have it installed)
Known bug


In Episode 1

  • At the end of the ceremony, Ernst may wait a little before continuing his scene: He is probably waiting for everybody to let him alone with the corpse. Do nothing, just wait about one minute
  • If you "whisper" to one Cultist, and just after "whisper" to another one (before he has done with the corpse), he may miss behave, and lie a little, be careful to not do it too much, or you'll may get stuck
  • Bern is a funny guy, he's always where it shouldn't be, please excuse him
In Episode 2
  • Episode 2 start as soon as Ep 01 is ended, it should have 2-3 days before the start of Ep02 : it’s not a bug, it’s a feature © Microsoft
  • The player refuse to lay down the "altar" maybe it miss some motivations
  • Don't save while you see scene thru eyes of an NPC : your character'll be stuck
  • As Viren, once in your son's room, don't move to much, your son may lost what they are saying, and restart

What's New in Version V1.03 (See full changelog)

  • V1.03 : fixes
  • - Fix the falling Viren if SLAL FB Necro package is not installed (a default animation)
  • - Fix the control problem at the end of Episode 2. There is also a button in the Liroc Room near the enchanting workbench to fix the problem if you have it.
  • V1.01 : There is a button near the temple door to make Ernst appears
  • V1.01 : Fix Ernst won't appear bug
  • V1.00 : Initial release
  • -Episode 1
  • -Episode 2


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

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