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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Latest Version: 0.2
  • Submitted: Mar 17 2017 02:56 AM
  • Last Updated: Aug 26 2017 03:27 PM
  • File Size: 294.92KB
  • Views: 23391
  • Downloads: 1,399
  • Requires: SKSE, JContainers, SkyUI, Racemenu/NetImmerse, XPMSE, Pregnancy-enabled body, UIExtensions
  • Special Edition Compatible : No

Download Skyrim Capacity Limited 0.2

- - - - -
Inflation Food Framework SLIF NetImmerse CANS Gameplay

Skyrim Capacity Limited is a mod that adds some effects of eating on actors, such as slowing actors down for eating too much and visually showing the results of that last feast. It also features systems to increase one's stomach capacity and to store various items in there for later retrieval.


This is a completely new code base from the old(er) Stomach Capacity Mod, and as such the two are not compatible.


Documentation Blog: http://www.loverslab...-documentation/


Recommended Version: SCL 0.2



SkyUI for MCM


Several menus have been added requiring UIExtensions

Inflation requires Racemenu or Netimmerse

Also requires a skeleton and body with a belly node

Best to use XPMSE for your skeleton

For females, try CBBE or UNP

For males, I think SOS has a HDT body

SAMwith HDT is also recommended

Has out-the-box compatibility with SLIF



  • Install prerequisites with your favorite mod manager
  • Install this mod the same way
  • Open Skyrim
  • Open the MCM and find this mod
  • Click "Start SCLimited"
  • Close MCM, and open it again
  • Adjust options to your liking
  • Play!

Should be compatible with everything except things like Enderal

Items added by mods may not work as intended (You might end up eating a poultice), patches are needed



Highly Recommended that before closing out the mod, you erase the database in the MCM. This will help clean your save.

Otherwise, it should be safe just removing it.

What's New in Version 0.2 (See full changelog)

  • Version 0.2:
  • - Added vomit timer (default is 30 minutes in-game)
  • - Added 2 new perks (Heavy Burden and Overload) to MCM and UIE Perk Menu
  • - Added color-changing to Actor Wheel Menu, "Add Items" turns red the closer to max fullness.
  • - Added spaces in Actor Wheel Menu for add-ons (Use "Next Menu" to see more)
  • - Reconfigured SCLSTEffect so that stats don't "spike" when burdened
  • - Implimented total digested food counter
  • - Fixed mod being registered under two names in SLIF
  • - Lowered starting digest values for all actors
  • - Added temp function for finding sum of all item weights in actor (right now only stomach)
  • - Enabled SCLib.ST_QuickUpdate to register for updates
  • - Added "Equipment" Inflation and systems (requires new meshes and injector script)
  • - Fixed Trash Scripts
  • - Added "Finished digesting" events for all items
  • - Created convienience functions in SCLSystem script for add-ons
  • - Added tracking system removal after vomiting (Spells and JMap)
  • - Reordered startup sequence