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A Slave life in the Legion

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I wish there was an alternative start of the game: something like this and moar!!


It's start, when Benny got what he want, apologize that he had to kill you, aiming to the (female) Courier's head; The Courier closed the eyes waiting for is end but only heard the gunshot.
Benny missed on purpose having a laugh, saying "something tells me to just make you scram out of Vegas, but since you aren't the type go away willingly out of Vegas,so I'll tell some of the Great Khan to escort you to Cottonwood, Where the legion will pay a good amount to Jessup and his friends."
One of the Khans kicked the Courier's head so hard that make her passed out, only to wake up in a cell with only a ragged skirt barely to cover anything. The slaver was examining you seeing if your attributes suited for what he had paid for, he says." well you're a woman so thats good enough, prepare for a long trip tomorrow we will go to Two Sun(tucson Arizona) along with others slaves we caught from Nipton."
Courier couldn't believe the bad luck, a long trip of 20 days or more depending the conditions of the trip, barefooted and chained.
took almost a month after a degrading trip, a legionaire was carrying the tired and colapsed Courier, after arriving on sunset at the gates of Two Sun the legionaire put the Courier on the ground and yelled at the gate: "Ave!! Caesar brought to you slaves from his war against NCR, let us through!".
They opened the gates and the sight of inside is legionaires training hard or patrolling the streets manufacturing weapons, and the women are either cooking, cleaning, farming, fucking, caring babies taking care of cattle, all of women are Pregnant all of them wear collars, the Male slaves are either being killed in the arena, building new constructions with pieces of the ruined city or working in the salt or iron mines harvesting raw materials to feed Caesar war machines.
The Courier and the new slaves were brought to a slaver who was registing the number of slaves their previous jobs and given the new job he would see fit, when it comes the Courier turn, the Slaver said: "Courier huh? carrying around messages or dangerous packages, Honestly I don't see you cooking nor cleaning judging from your previous job, but you look young and Fertile so i'm sure you will support our Legionaires. and heres the collar; By the way this collar will give you a jolt if you ever tries to speak any word, it was implemented to avoid slaves talking about the burned man."
The Slaver pointed where you will live; in the Pen among the others female slaves,it was getting dark when the Courier was slowly walking to his new home, a bunch of 3 legionaires Brothers grabbed her ass and lock her arms unable to move, she tried to scream but the collar give her a jolt to remind her to be quiet, in pain, the courier struggles just to stay shut, while the Legionaires were enjoying the new merchandise, after they finished they escort her to the pen making sure that no one else tries the Courier for today.
The Legionaires praised her beauty and apologise for suprised harsh sex, but told her to get used to it, because it's her place now, but they introduce themselves: they called Cletus, Lictus and Publius, they promise to watch her while she integrates to the Legion Society, they told:" if you give what we want we will protect you from the others, my dear Venus. We know that life's woman can be hard but at least you won't die in a battlefield, thats our reality; men dies while Women perpetuates the survival of the Legion, give yourself to the Legion willingly and we promise that you will be treated better"
The Courier by writting the ground with her finger "Why the women are treated harsh like slaves if they are important to The Legion Survival?"
Cletus says: "some women that accepted their role willingly are given better clothing, less work, colar removal, more respect and a elevated status but still a slave under our law, but unfortunantly most women are still fighting against our laws, the more you fight the more you suffer, but i guess they don't like the idea of being told that they have to deliver childrens for the Legion, they still want to go back to their old lives as wanderes or tribals, they don't see a Civilization that we're creating, so we have no choice but to be harsh!"
Lictus: Listen, accept every service they asked of you or you will be punished, the punishment his "The Legion Load" which they put you in the central square and all legionaires will fuck you and ejaculate you until you're all covered and bloated of semen and leave you there if you pass out, as an example of refusal.
The Courier not sure if they lied just to make her feel better or to become already submisse in her first day of slavery, the punishment part scared her a lot.(escape is an option)
next day(the daily of many days): wake up, cook something for the Legionaires, go around the city( in the permitted area for slaves) offer yourself for sex, sometimes get a beat for bad service, eat 2 maizes, support the other slaves at work, learning new jobs.
until they told the courier that will go to the Caesar's fort "supporting" the troops along with the three Legionaires Brothers which the Courier created a bond with them, after a more confortable trip compared to her last trip, she back to Vegas and she gets a pleasant suprise Benny has been captured the chance to get revenge, she humbly asked to caesar to crucify him, Caesar admired from you request coming from a slave Woman he granted, and he was pleased that the Courier truly know her place and willingly serve the Legion, he gave her a job as a Frumentari, the rest is goes like normally would in the Vanilla game with Cletus, Lictus and Publius as your Followers.


Hope you liked it how it rolls. ;)

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