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Nessie - The Tale of 350

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Nessie - The Tale of 350

by Arron Dominion


Mod Trailer

Short Description:

Need a little more adventure in your life?  Do you want to know about the story of a Nord named Kenny, and how he was heckled by an Argonian named Nessie?  Look no further!  This mod offers a short quest in which an Argonian asks for 350 gold, and the player was warned by a Nord named Kenny.  After the conclusion of your adventure, you can hear the tale from a traveling bard. And it all starts in Whiterun.

Detailed Description:

This mod is a lore-friendly parody mod based off of South Park's Lochness Monster joke.  Playing the role of the Lochness Monster is an Argonian named Nessie.  Nessie has been bugging a Nord named Kenny for 350 gold at every turn.  It is now the player's turn to be harassed.  You start out near the well in Whiterun.  You encounter Nessie for the first time in Whiterun.  Where you see Nessie next depends on what cities you go to 24hrs+ after the first meeting.

Eventually, depending on your decisions, you will fight Nessie.  This fight can occur in any of the 5 main towns, depending on the choices you have made.  Remember the rules of three.

-A quest
-Some humor!
-Your choices drive the quest's direction
-A traveling bard to tell your tale, with a random chance for where he will show up

Bard's Schedule:

Monday -
Old Hroldan

Tuesday -
Dragon Bridge
Solitude Inn
Solitude Bard’s College

Wednesday -

Thursday -
Nightgate Inn
Windhelm (one of two taverns)

Friday -
Shor’s Stone

Saturday -

Sunday -
Whiterun (one of two taverns)

For a mod review, check out Chaos Hellfire's review:

Installation Instructions:

-Find your Data folder
-Place the files within the zip into your Data folder.

-The initial release

Known Bugs:
None at this time

Known Quirks:
-When you are near the Whiterun well for the first time, I highly recommend not having auto-run enabled.  You will keep running without the ability to stop.
-The cities will fight Nessie with you.  There is a probable chance of some citizens being killed by Nessie depending on your time of day
-Nessie can be large, so think about that when you are fighting Nessie

If you are wanting to translate this mod into another language, feel free to message me.

umadjonny - Nessie's Voice
PyroToaster - Kenny's Voice
Herr Yuri - Wolfgar's Voice
DarkVirus - Mannril's Voice
Crimson Phoenix - Crulek's Voice

Windows Movie Maker
Bethesda - Skyrim and Creation Kit
jacobmathiassen - Male crying and weeping -
Bard Song Instrument Recording -

Special Thanks:
Skinnytecboy - Support
Epoch Sanctum - Support, and Resources
Armstrong Security Solutions - Support, Resources, and Voice
Herr Yuri, Crimson Phoenix, DarkVirus, PyroToaster, and
umadjonny - For the Voice Work

Very Special Thanks -
For the encouragement, and support during this
mod's production:


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