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Guest Abdulkump


The president of the US wins his second term election. He had brought in great changes throughout his first 4 years, and is looking forward for more. In fact, he is in a secret mission to bring down the US' global dominance. He is not even the man he claims to be, but a highly trained agent. However, he is informed that the plot is about to be discovered and the mission's resources are depleted. The agent and player, Rolando Dumbo, must make an important choice. Will he distance himself from failure, and rule the world?


Development and builds (Mac and PC):




Male protagonist, Politics, Prez, MILF, Blackmail, Family, Real Porn, Visual Novel


Changelog 0.033 (Patron)

- 4 new scenes

- 9 new images

- More options (and more xxx)


Changelog 0.032 (Public)
- 2 new scenes
- 5 new images
- Change of colours

In future versions (would greatly appreciate suggestions):
- Adding point-based system
- Sandbox-style features
- Way more images and scenes
- Improving the art





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Guest Abdulkump
29 minutes ago, myuhinny said:

Please also list all the genre that are going to be in your game in the first post like (incest bestiality and so on) so people know if they want to play your game or not.

Done. I thought that tags were enough, but I see now.

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