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Body Textures dont fit the Body-Mesh [HELP]


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I was trying to fix Textures for the Body-Mesh but I have no idea what to do anymore.
screenshot in attachments

Things I tried:
- Re-installing all Mods that have to do with Body-Meshes
- Re-installing all Mods that have to do with Body-Textures
- Re-installing RaceMenu and BodySlide

- Changing Plugin-Order with LOOT

Modlist: I installed a LOT of mods, so if someone knows a easy way to make a list that I can post, tell me!

Thanks for any Help


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First, are you using CBBE or a UNP-family mesh?


Make sure you've installed the correct BodySlide for that mesh.  Double check that your textures are also for that mesh.  If you have two textures or multiple meshes, pick one of each and remove the others. 


If, after those checks have been made, you still have issues, it's time to look closely at every mesh-related and texture-related mod you've installed. 


There's an answer in your mod list.  It might not be readily apparent, but it's there.  Good luck!

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Alright so apparently one CBBE Mesh was "linked"(dunno) to the vanilla texture. I repaired Skyrim with Steam and re-installed all the important mods. Now it works even with Body-Sliders in RaceMenu.

Thanks for your help guys!

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