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[Solved] Succubus Race and BodySlide

Meng Yi

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Hi All,


I have reset the mods I have installed for my Skyrim installation, and used again the custom race Succubus (from Nexus) along with 7B Petite HDT Body Replacer via BodySlide Preset and the provided add-on for the Succubus Race. However, this time, I don't know why, the body is not displaying correctly. I managed to make it work last time but i don't remember what i had to do.


I looked for existing help, saying that it was needed to replace the files "femalebody_[0-1].nif", what I did, despite it being unnecessary because of the replacer mention above. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. I can guess it's a mesh issue, but I don't know anymore what I should do to to fix it. You can see an example of the issue in the attachment.


When I look at the standard races, the body is the one i use for the bodyslide preset.


Many thanks for your help,


Meng Yi

2018-02-11 19_32_50-Skyrim.png

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