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proper use of Tray.

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I'm running into a problem with using the tray.

At first, I thought things weren't showing up in my library because they were in subfolders (Ala Mods folder)

So, I pulled everything out and dumped it all together in the Tray folder, but no luck.


Any suggestions?

I grabbed some households from here that I'd like to use.

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Downloaded custom Sims and lots that use cc will need to be toggled in the gallery/library,

As the previous post says,

The left side of the screen has a option for "advanced settings"

This gives you the option to view the modded stuff you've collected and the stuff you've made yourself and saved,


One thing to look out for though is that some of the stuff may not be compatible for your game if you're not up to date,

Something created from a recent version of the game may not work for earlier patches

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