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Quesstion about armor mesh creation - Skyrim 32bit


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For the past day or two I've been working on my own personal battlemage armor based off of steel plate armor and some apprentice/adept robes draped over them. I've been tweaking and playing with my mesh in the very latesst Outfit Studio but now I'm kinda stuck. I just learned I need a _0.nif and a _1.nif of my armor meshes so it can have weight slider support. Right now I only have the one messh of the armor, which is based off of the _1.nif of my armors/robes/assorted pieces of equipment that I've attached, but I'm wondering, am I SOL and need to make a _0.nif from the ground up or is there some form of automation at some point for creating the _0.nif and _1.nif via Nifskope or Outfit Studio, etc?

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As far as I know there is no automated process, but typically it's not that much work to create the _0 file. You can just remove the body, add the _0 body and make some small adjustments.

If this is just for yourself and your character has a weight of 100 you can just copy the _1 file and rename it to _0 without any changes. If your character has a smaller weight and you use the _1 for _1 and _0 you get an ugly neck seam due to the head mesh not matching the armor.

If you have some kind of collar and it's not visible anyway, this might be another option.

The last points are just some dirty options for personal use, the proper way is to change the body and adjust the armor.

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Assuming we're talking about female armor, Outfit Studio/BodySlide will do the work for you.


In Outfit Studio, with your armor opended, use "File/Load Reference.../From Template" and choose the body of your preference (Probably CBBE or UUNP). Then use "Slider/Conform All" to add the sliders to all pieces of your armor. Then save the project ("File/Save Project As..."), and make sure that "Low/High Weight Output" is ticked. You also may want to untick "Copy Reference shape into output".


Then, go back to BodySlide, select your newly created Outfit, a Preset of your choosing, and press build. Both _0.nif and _1.nif will be generated for you.

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