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10 hours ago, Punga said:


How so?


just an opinion I formed based on stuff i read about her personal problems,if it was suicide I think that makes it a little more tragic,of course I'll wait and see what the coroner's report says,she may well have just slipped in the shower

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If it was something like what some people are thinking, suicide, drugs whatever, would be really heartbreaking.  Just not believing it.  Grew up with her music back in my college days.  She was almost the same age as me (I'm younger by 23 days) and with crappy health issues hitting me from every direction I can see how passing away in your 40's of natural causes isn't such a hard thing to believe.  By coincidence, my mother passed away when she was 46, same age I am now.  Loved the Cranberries back in the day and still spin one of their discs now and again to reminisce 

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