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adding sound to an existing mod


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I have managed to add sounds to my narrative events. However, I did this by putting my wav files into the sound sub directory of the vanilla game and adding the following code into the sound file of the interface directory of the vanilla game:


gagging_female_01 =
    file = "gagging_female_01.wav"
    on_demand = yes
    volume = 85


This works.


I would like to have these sound files in the mod itself rather than in the vanilla game, so I created two  new sound files in the mod. One in the main diirectory of the mod into which I copied the wav files, one in the interface directory using the above code.


I also added the line: namespace = <my mod> to the file in the interface directory.


This does not work. It is as if the mod only looks for sound files in the vanilla game, ignoring the newly created files in the mod itself.




I noticed the the vanilla game sound file in the interface directory is an sfx file , whereas my file was made with blocnote. Could that be the problem?


Any help much appreciated.

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