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New computer problem


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When I started up my pc this morning, it just went completely wrong.

All I got was a black screen and my internal 1TB was clunking like a laundry machine.

Then windows decided to do an automatic restore on its own, but before it did my pc shut down.


The second time I started up I noticed my pc starts up and shuts down MUCH slower (~1m30sec now instead of ~20 sec)

And my internal 1TB drive is just gone (It is still there but windows does not find it in disk management nor in the 'this pc' window nor with easeUS program or any other program).


Two factory resets later, it is still the same. Luckily everything else works (C-drive with windows, internet, external HDD, webcam,...).

I'm out of idea's and I'm not that familiar with pc stuff especially not bios or hardware.


So if anybody can help, it's greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.


*Sorry for potential mistakes as my native language is Dutch


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