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Doctor Amana: Sexual Therapist


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Doctor Amana: Sexual Therapist
Patient 001 - Roger Harrington
This game is the first in a proposed series of VN's. In this, the first game, the player assumes the role of Roger Harrington, a middle aged corporate executive who is undergoing a mid-life crisis. With his professional, and romantic life spinning out of control, Roger seeks aid from a recommended therapist to try and get his life under control.
The therapy sessions themselves actually take a back seat to the story telling. Instead it sets up the framework for the player to explore the different love interests in Roger's life. You make dialogue choices in the "retelling" of events that change the flavor of the outcome. There are no game over screens and no "right" or "wrong" decisions to be made. Your selection of responses influences the attitudes and actions of the other characters in the story, but does not cut you off or eliminate you from sexual episodes.
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On ‎1‎/‎2‎/‎2018 at 1:10 PM, myuhinny said:

What fetishes are going to be in the game? Also any screenshots so the people can see what might be in the game?

Right now we are dealing with a tabula rasa. We have rough ideas for storylines with different characters, but ultimately we are going to write these scenes with serious consideration of fan feedback during development. Our current tentative rundown is as follows:


~young lady of the household

~neighbors daughter and mother (three way)

~light to moderate BDSM with your boss

~standard erotica


Our primary development goal in the beginning was to offer players a diversity in race and body type. We personally got tired of seeing the same old jumbo breasted Caucasian females so typical in adult fiction. We wanted to cover the racial spectrum so our characters are white, black, Spanish, Asian, Indian, etc. We also made sure there was a wide spectrum of body types, from large to small breasts, young to old, and robust to petite.


We've even toyed around with the inclusion of a homosexual option, but we figure that is something we can poll our fan base on later to see if there is even sufficient interest. Needless to say, we are still learning who our market is.


We will be posting some character bios in the coming weeks, I believe the first one is coming out tonight. Just to introduce you to the main characters and provide some nice visuals of the art style we are shooting for. Hope this helps.


PS, the next build is coming out......NOW!

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Character Bio

Cassie is the young lady of the household. She’s 18 years old and a high school senior. Growing up, she was very close to her family. But this year has been different. Cassie has been going through a lot of personal change and it’s left her questioning the relationships in her life. Perhaps her most pressing question is how she feels towards the man of the house. These days, girls her age have the internet, social media, and free access to a tremendous amount of information. So when it comes to boys she’s not clueless. She’s dated a bit at school and is not afraid of her sexuality. But what has her so on edge, are her feelings towards the man of the house.
This man has always been a part of her life. He’s cared for her, loved her, and has never let her down. His behavior at times seems at odds with itself, but unlike other guys she’s been with, he’s never done anything to hurt her. And what’s worse, as she gets older, she thinks these feelings for him are getting stronger and perhaps a little too romantic. She just isn’t sure anymore what is right and what is wrong. It’s not something she can freely discuss with her friends, and the internet is full of conflicting advice.
Cassie is torn. She’s distanced herself from her family so that she can have a little space to try and sort through her thoughts and feelings. But in the end, she’s being pulled in two different directions. Does she approach this situation confidently? Maybe even make some kind of a move and let the chips fall where they may, possibly prepare herself for her biggest heartache yet? Or does she try to play it cool. Not let her confusion show, maybe just drop a few hints here and there and see how he responds? He can be so unpredictable at times. She doesn’t always know how he will react.
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Character Bio




They call her “The Dragon Lady”. She is strong, relentless and never backs down from confrontation. She absolutely refuses to bullied or intimidated, especially by men. She has fought many years to get where she is professionally, and no one is going to take that from her. When she speaks, people listen. When she’s angry, jobs are on the line. She is a female force to be reckoned with and people make it a point not to cross her.

Her love life has been less about romance, and more about conquest. For her, pleasure is seeing a man brought low to his knees, literally. She enjoys receiving pain as much as she enjoys inflicting it. In her mind, pain is what makes you stronger, and strength is what gets her off. She enjoys taking powerful men and bending them to her sexual will. Wrapping herself ever tighter around them until she squeezes every last ounce of energy from their soul. But this is only half of her secret. Deep down, she wants more than anything to find a man who can break her.

It’s one thing to always be the dominate one, but to be dominated intrigues her. It intrigues her because so far, no man has been able to accomplish it. In Roger she thinks that maybe, just maybe she’s found that man. So she’ll put him to the test. And if he fails to bring her low and tame her…well then, he can just be another slave to her will until she finds someone better. Either way, she feels that she is winning.


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Character Bio




Monica is a fairly easy going girl. She doesn’t expect much out of men or relationships on the whole. She’s confident, independent and does a good job of taking care of herself. She’s a bit of a health nut, but as a personal trainer one would expect nothing less. She goes to great efforts to eat right, exercise, and keep her body in peak physical condition. She’s not a juicer, but enjoys the feeling of a good burn after an hour or two of cardio.

Monica’s love life is best described as laissez-faire. She isn’t generally looking for a big commitment, she just likes finding guys she can have fun with. It’s the little things, going to the beach, catching a movie, going out for a nice dinner or grabbing take out and lounging around the apartment. She’s not looking for a husband, though she’s dated a few of those.

Recently she’s just come off a bad break-up and is kind of on the rebound. She worries about making the wrong choice by getting involved with anyone else so quickly. A part of her just wants to take it easy and enjoy being alone for a couple of months before jumping back into the pool. But secretly, another part of her, just wants to find love. She harbors a few romantic notions in the back of her mind and wouldn’t mind finding a nice guy who treats her right and just wants to dote on her. She never lets herself fall into hopelessness though. And if she can’t find the love she’s looking for, then she’s willing to take what she can get and just have a little casual fun in the meantime.

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Just wanted to post a quick apology that it has been so long since we stopped by and updated our information and our links.


We encourage player feedback. So if you're willing, give us a download and let us know what you think.


Hope to hear from the community.



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