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Request, Cicero using Charades to give you a kill contract

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Would it be possible to add some animations and a quest to Cicero to add a kill contract, all in the form of a weird game of Charades? Specifically for Nazeem? And then possibly script the entire population of whiterun to give you a slow clap upon fulfilling that contract? Possibly guards and everyone each chipping in to reward you for your heroic deeds?


And which other npc's would be a good addition to this idea?

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I know this is a bit old, not too old but I too want to see more done with Cicero. I would like to even see some of the DBH dialogue recycled some how and used for other situations, like "your the boss mistress" on you as well but can be inferred differently. Poor Cicero being a unique npc didn't get many dialogue unique instances like the other voice presets did. The followercommentor mods play off the script a bit allowing old or other dialogue to be pulled up to the surface for a more real immersive feel. Even chop and paste dialogue would be better than what little he has. :( I wish they would have made him more immersive. Sadly I commanded him to kill a contract and he wouldn't on the xbox... so I makes me sad faced. LL integration would be fun too. ? Think about it you'd have to be kreay kreay to hit that but people on here do worse... so why not have some kreay fun.

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