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Recommended mods for fallout 3


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im going to start back again on fallout 3 im looking for a mod that make fallout 3 more challenging here what i need


Needs mod: some kind of mod that adds hunger or any survival needs or some campfire so i can sleep on night cause i prefer realistic night

UI: just like sky ui on skyrim that changes the whole new look 

Difficulty: some mods like makes ai  smarter that way they use to be or add more enemy cause i hate when your going to raid an enemy base with only few enemies inside 

ENB: some enb to make fallout look vibrant and also stable on my desktop 

fixes: some fixes on the game like crashfix on skyrim 

lighting mods: some lighting would you recommend cause i prefer realistic night to make combat harder on dark



some weapon mods or replacer  



my PC specs

AMD10 Radeon 7

4 gb ram

i got a integrated graphics card 

3.60 ghz


im planning on upgrading it but not now 

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