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Very strange sometimes red line on characters scalp


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So I noticed this only recently it's a very strange seam on my characters head. I also noticed that if I have certain hair mods installed, it turns red and I lose the textures that go over it? The mods for my hair are Commonwealth Cuts 2.4 & its Fixes, Lots more Female Hairstyles, Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar, Realistic Hair & Zella's Hair Dye Collection. Any help would be appreciated because this has me stumped. 

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Okay so I've figured out that this seam is the result of having a different body texture vs your face texture. So for example, using Valkyr Female Face Texture, with Nuclear Nude for the body. However, Valkyr's OWN body texture also causes this seam, so I'm sort of at a loss at how to fix this. I'd need a skin & body texture made by the same person, in one file. 

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I really like Pride of Valhalla texture set for CBBE (it does not include the tattoos in the mod photos).  It's imperfect and includes the body and head as a set.  I also use numerous hair mods and haven't had the red neck issue as noticeable.  I believe most of the hair mods used a default cbbe texture set, which is very close to vanilla for the neck.



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