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Think I messed up [Nexus Mod Manager]


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In this current computer, I have an SSD and an HD. The OS is in my SSD, and all my games and whatnot are in the HD, and that includes Fallout 4 and all its mods. Unfortunately, W10 shat itself and I had to reformat the SSD, where NMM was installed (but not NMM's 'mods' folder, which was over on the HD, because the SSD is only 128GB in storage). So, I figured all I had to do was reinstall NMM, and that it would recognize my mods automatically. I did that, and when I booted up NMM, it told me that due to how Bethesda is changing how mods work, it had to either reinstall all of my mods or uninstall them so that I could reinstall them manually. I chose the later because I had a bunch of misc mods/files that I didn't want to install/reinstall.


However, I accidentally closed NMM as it was uninstalling a mod and I think that broke everything, because when I re-opened it, all of my mods were marked as installed, but I couldn't uninstall them, because when I tried doing so the uninstall 'loading bar' that shows up would quickly open itself up and close. So I closed NMM to see if that would fix my problem, and then something different happened; a message showed up claiming I had some broken/leftover mods that according to the program, were due to uninstalling them incorrectly, and then it gave me the option to uninstall them individually before I even opened up the program itself, and so I did it for every single mod. So I just thought "ah what the hell, the NMM mods folder is still in my HD, so I'll just install the mods from the archives it kept there".


However, even when doing that, all of my mods still seem to be installed, as all of their files are still in game's main /data folder, and even though inside NMM itself in the 'Mods' header there are no mods installed, all of my .esps still seem to show up in the 'Plugins' header, as well in the /data folder. The weirdest part is that I booted up the game and all my mods still seem to be there, fully functional. Thankfully I only installed a couple of mods with NMM, so I don't think I ended up overwritting anything, but I don't want this to be a problem later on.


What the hell did I do wrong, and how do I fix it?

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