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Using a newer version of Fallout than F4SE can handle?

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Okay, so Sunday I had a weird issue with my game failing to load; I quit out of it, tried running it again maybe five minutes later, and it refused to work- for some reason, it wwnt back to the launcher, did the 'here's what your settings are' thing, and then every time after that, it'd load a black screen that took up about a third of the desktop, and go right to the 'shit's fucked, mate' error.


I did a ton of troubleshooting on it, up to and including downgrading the game, uninstalling mods, disabling mods, reordering my load order, and every time it'd do the exact same thing. So I uninstalled it, redownloaded, and it's still doing the same thing. 



I decided to reinstall F4SE, and used the installer version. When I click to open, it says I'm using a newer version of Fallout with an older version of F4SE.


It says the Fallout is 1.10.50, and the F4SE is 0.6.4, which is what it says on the site, too.


So I'm not sure what to do here. Do I try and rollback Fallout? Do I wait for an update from F4SE, or what?


Can I just remove my F4SE-related plugins, like LooksMenu, Achievements, and Place Everywhere? I've tried both disabling them, and deleting the entire F4SE folder from my Data folder, and it still doesn't work.


I just want to play my bloody game, and this is getting really annoying.

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5 hours ago, steiner76 said:

I have the same Problem, and after load of a save it comes the other message like n the pic's below.

all mod are update for the last FO4 version.


After Start the F4SE


Nueva imagen de mapa de bits.jpg


After Load of the Save





See that version number F4SE:0.6.1   ???   It's very old and way out of date. Go to http://f4se.silverlock.org/  and download the latest version 0.6.4  (it's in a 7zip archive - do a manual install).

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